Zhengzhou man eats 6 iron wires, 1 iron pieces, pale complexion, expression pain footman

Zhengzhou man ate 6 wire 1 iron pale face pain river network news (reporter Shang Guoao Wang Jia) recently, Zhengzhou City People’s hospital received a patient, the patient ate six wire, an iron sheet, think of all feel pain. Experts warned that after swallowing foreign bodies, should stop eating, forced coughing, vomiting. Swallow a piece of iron wire six, "doctor, my stomach aches, help me!" recently, more than 30 year old Liu (a pseudonym) came to the Department of Gastroenterology endoscopy center of people’s Hospital of Zhengzhou, he saw the pale face pain. Mr. Liu readme, for a privacy problem, he gradually took an iron wire, six. Understand the situation of Mr. Liu, Zhengzhou people’s Hospital Jiang Haibo, deputy director of the digestive department immediately arrange intravenous anesthesia under foreign body removal. Dahe reporter learned that, after the patient quiet sleep, vital signs stable, Jiang Haibo began to implement surgery. Venipuncture, slow into the mirror, precise and gentle action, skilled operation. In the antrum, a wire, the length of about 4cm, point into the gastric juice after gastric wall, Jiang Haibo adopted the same method, has removed a total of 5 wire. Especially the duodenal junction reduction card with a black sheet, two, embedded in the intestinal wall, the root of mucosal edema, erosion, microscopically outflow yellowish white pus, and with the pulse beat downs. As a result of swallowing foreign body for a long time, the package of gastric foreign body, the foreign body is very smooth, and peristaltic wave interference, endoscopic operation is limited, it is difficult to catch plate. Jiang Haibo constantly adjust the angle of the alternate use of endoscopic, snare, crocodile clamp, basket and other equipment, repeatedly taking, after more than 20 minutes of fighting, finally overcome the interference, all the foreign bodies were removed successfully. At that moment, remove any foreign body, Jiang Haibo’s clothes had been soaked in sweat inside the left hand mirror also grind Xuepao, everyone applauded for his praise, he calmly said: "we should be!!" reminder: swallowed foreign body to stop eating after Jiang Haibo said: in recent years, Zhengzhou city the people’s Hospital of endoscopy has been successfully removed thousands of cases of foreign bodies in the upper digestive tract, common with bones, chicken bones, teeth, jujube, persimmon stone, screws, metal lighters, etc.. "To remind you that if there is swallowed foreign body, do not burp, drink vinegar, swallowing Steamed Buns forced themselves, should immediately stop eating, cough loudly, force, or to make themselves vomit, some superficial will cough up, spit out, if not, should as soon as possible to the hospital for medical treatment, so as to avoid foreign body with walk to the gastrointestinal motility of duodenum, endoscopy can not close and delay the timing of treatment, especially the sharp foreign bodies may penetrate the wall of digestive tract, and blood vessels caused by perforation, bleeding, even life-threatening." Jiang Haibo said. The method of removing foreign body by gastroscope is simple and easy to operate. The patient is protected from surgical operation, with fewer complications and high success rate. It is the preferred method for the treatment of foreign bodies in the upper digestive tract. (Dahe network)

郑州男子连吃6根铁丝1个铁片 面色苍白表情痛苦大河网讯(记者尚国傲 王佳)近日,郑州市人民医院接收了一名患者,该患者连续吃了六根铁丝、一个铁片,想想都觉着疼。专家提醒,误吞异物后,应停止进食,用力咳嗽、呕吐。吞服一个铁片、六根铁丝“大夫,我肚子好疼,快救救我!”近日,30多岁的刘先生(化名)来到郑州人民医院消化内科内镜中心,只见他面色苍白,表情痛苦。刘先生自述,因某个隐私的问题,他陆续吞服了一个铁片、六根铁丝。了解到刘先生的情况,郑州市人民医院该消化内科副主任姜海波立即安排静脉全麻下异物取出术。大河网记者了解到,待患者安静入睡,生命体征平稳后,姜海波开始实施手术。静脉穿刺,缓慢进镜,动作精准、轻柔,操作娴熟。在胃窦部,可见一铁丝,长约4cm,一端刺入胃窦小弯后壁胃壁内,姜海波采取同样的方法,先后共取出5根铁丝。特别是十二指肠球降交界处卡着一黑色片状长物,两头扎在肠壁上,根部粘膜水肿、糜烂,镜下可见流出黄白色脓液,并且随脉搏起伏搏动。由于吞食异物时间长,胃液包裹异物,使得异物特别光滑,加上肠蠕动波干扰,内镜操作空间有限,钢板很难被套住。姜海波不断调整内镜角度,交替使用圈套器、鳄鱼钳、网篮等器械,反复多次套取,经过20多分钟的“战斗”,终于克服干扰,所有异物全部顺利取出。取出所有异物的那一刻,姜海波的衣服已经被汗水湿透,左手持镜的虎口处也磨出了血泡,大家都为他鼓掌称赞时,他淡定地说:“应该的!应该的!”提醒:误吞异物后停止进食姜海波表示:近年来郑州市人民医院内镜诊疗区已成功取出上千例消化道异物,常见的有鱼刺、鸡骨、假牙、枣核、柿石,螺丝钉、打火机、金属等。“提醒大家,如果有误吞异物,切勿拍背、喝醋、吞咽馒头强行自行解决,应立即停止进食,大声、用力的咳嗽,或者想办法让自己呕吐,一些表浅的会随之咳出、吐出,如果不行,应尽早到医院就医,以免异物随着胃肠蠕动游走到十二指肠降段以下,胃镜无法接近而延误治疗时机,尤其是尖锐的异物可能穿透消化道管壁,伤及血管引起穿孔、大出血,甚至会危及生命。”姜海波说。经胃镜取异物方法简单、易行,患者免遭外科手术,并发症少,成功率高,是治疗上消化道异物的首选方法。(大河网)相关的主题文章: