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Wine-Spirits These days most of us think it is perfectly normal to buy goods, products and services online. Ive just taken delivery of a case of mixed wine for instance that i found and purchased via the web. Not surprisingly, it was a breeze. Im in my mid forties and have seen the internets rapid growth as a powerful tool both in business and in the house. I saw the dot com revolution as well as its initial crash when it was discovered that although it was easy to build a website then sell things, it was not as easy to get paid or even to ensure stuff was delivered. With all the teething problems seemingly sorted I, like most people buy all kinds of things online – including wine. In todays world everything moves at a sometimes bewildering pace. We’d like things now. It doesnt seem that long ago we patiently sat facing our shiny new PCs waiting for internet pages and emails to load however right now if it takes more than a few seconds we start looking for a new ISP. It has quite literally been a revolution and to a sizable extent we, the consumers are in control. Dont get me wrong, I hope there will always be a spot for traditional retailers however i see their place in the longer term as purveyors of much specialised, artisan products and fresh produce – stuff that doesnt effectively work online. Saying that, most supermarkets now have a web-based ordering option. For big ticket items or anything I dont need in a hurry I personally use the internet to complete my research and read reviews, recommendations etc. Then i go into the real world to touch, handle and check out before I buy – Then i search for a better deal on the web and usually find it. I’ve bought some expensive items using this method and have yet to be disappointed. If I invest in a bottle of wine in the shops and enjoy it guess where I buy more of it?Apply the same method to buy wine online To get back to my suggestion – that you simply buy wine online . I guess wine is also the kind of product that you like to take a look at on a shelf traditionally and choose from a usually quite limited array of wines – particularly when you take into account exactly how much of it there is in the world. In case you havent looked up to now try a quick search for wine on the web – you will be astonished. All you can really do inside a shop is read the label and look at the price. You can do this equally as easily on your computer screen and in fact many times youll get yourself a whole lot more detail. True it’s been the case that youd need to purchase a case each time but some of the specialist online wine merchants now offer single bottles. In any case (forgive the pun) If you value wine its good to have a few bottles around, particularly if its cheaper per bottle to buy more – and it usually is. It doesnt stop at the wine itself either. You can buy virtually every wine related product you can imagine on the www. If youd like to investigate further, an excellent starting place is at a veritable inter. based wine megastore which promotes a vast range of wines, wine gifts and accessories from all the very best known merchants. The search options are fantastic and allow you to select a product by plenty of criteria – you’re then directed to the retailer to make your purchase and arrange delivery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: