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Yin Zheng: to be a people can’t pull out nail sparrow _38 > > > click on the video to watch "sparrow" Tencent, Tencent Entertainment – a good actor to understand and can compose and perform military exercises. "Both the" natural needless to say, "to know and more important. Can be a second turn into a high cold, put to raise the buttocks to meet the public base. Don’t laugh, these words are welcome to actors and actresses. So many actors, so many little meat, just want to watch a table, Yin is today. The two generation of the Sherlock in the movie. It was the first time the director knew him. In such a department has a professional team in the movie comedy skills, his performance has not been buried, but impressive. So, for a long time in my mind will emerge "new" "yijianmei" picture, of course, is with the music. The director recently saw the son of Yin is playing in the TV series "sparrow". If "Sherlock" is in trouble a glimpse of Yin Zheng, in the "sparrow", with the character’s debut, Jiangsu provinces get good offices, thing, get the director, have more yuan to know him. The shape of Yin Zheng partial feminine, and that was not in the traditional sense of the metrosexual man. The advantage of this appearance is that once you get up on the special drama, it is also suitable for the stage drama, it will simply do not want to. In fact, Sherlock "worry" he plays in the official two generation is not a man boy, but this is not man, and the glass heart, and literary temperament, to love passionately devoted teenage state crash out of best comedy, was a spoiled man will have a love "the male vote also bestie" feeling, the male male bestie Hollywood comedy movie ticket lot. This type of actor in the sparrow in the change and breakthrough is the director did not expect. Wherever he plays the three Su Province, killing one, with people from white to black, from west to East cut. As the initiator of evil, insidious Jiangsu provinces is killing evil sweat, hair not messy, walking with the wind, of course, that’s a chilly wind. Once he deadpanned, the audience will feel shiver all over though not cold. Cold-blooded psycho director look much, the key is the scheming boy Jiangsu provinces cold-blooded, let a person without the slightest abnormal preparedness, is such a person that harm to die will be smiling! But he won’t blink at you. Look at the tragic death of Li Xiaonan will know that she is the most love woman, in his view of the world, and to all not the enemy. Selfish, ruthless, cold-blooded, metamorphosis, is the external label given by Yin Zheng, Jiangsu provinces character, but in these tags, Yin is Jiangsu provinces of this character is also a subtle inner drama interpretation, such as his paranoia, deep and introverted, and his pursuit of love. The phrase "I don’t want to see a woman sad", the expression of subtle and full of charm, such a simple sentence is a great lethality to women, including Li Xiaonan had already taken this woman, but at that moment, she would sit on the homeopathic Jiangsu provinces car. Su three provinces have such a word, do not pull out the eyes of others.相关的主题文章: