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Wine-Spirits Wine experts agree that chardonnay is the most difficult wine to buy in the world today. The reason, they say, is that chardonnay is a .modity, and more often than not, you dont know what youre getting when youre buying a bottle. What is more is that most of the chardonnays made today are not really that good in terms of quality, and that most makers simply sell for the name and the price. In short, chardonnay is the most abused wine. Despite all this, Chardonnay is still undoubtedly one of the most beautiful wines in the world. If youre a beginner, however, or someone who is not really that knowledgeable about wine, how do you find the right bottle of Chardonnay? Experts suggest that if you want to get a good bottle of Chardonnay one hundred percent of the time, go for a naked wine like Chablis. By naked, we imply that the wine is unoaked and has no other taste in it except for the simple taste of the grape variety its made from. Chablis is a very austere style of wine, with no signs of fatness or juicy quality in it, and is a perfect choice for beginners. If you want a go to wine that has a richer style, on the other hand, you should for an Australia or New Zealand chardonnay. You wouldnt want to go to the big name international stores or brands, however, because they will be too .mercial. This means they will be too sugary and taste just the same as the other brands youll get from California. Moreover, you wouldnt want to go to the bottom price range if you want a good quality chardonnay in Australia and New Zealand, because when it .es to wines found in this regions, the price usually determines the quality. If you want the richest style of chardonnay from these regions, your choice should be South Australia or the Barossa Valley. Adelaide, Tasmania, and Yarra Valley are excellent choices if youre after the leanest style. If you want to go for something classic, then the classic chardonnay would definitely be Burgundy, France. There is simply no question to it Burgundy, France is where this type of wine is to be the best. That shouldnt be a surprise at all considering it is where the wine variety originally came from. California chardonnay is also an excellent choice, but not the ones made from the hot climates, but from the cooler ones like Sonoma or even the Sta. Barbara region. Now, the good news is that you dont necessarily have to physically go these places to get the right bottle of chardonnay. Chardonnays made from these regions are sold worldwide, and you all you need to do is check the label on the bottle to see where the wine was made from. And if there is one place you should consider when looking for the best Chardonnays, its the World Wide Web. Most family-run vineyards that make this wine usually sell their wines online, which means you can expect to get quality vintage all the time. Most importantly, you can get more info about chardonnay white wine and make the right purchasing decision if you choose to get it online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: