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UnCategorized If youve done any research on loose diamonds, the next question you probably have is where and how to acquire them. Beyond you brick-and-mortar jewelry store, you can also opt for the Internet or acquire your GIA certified loose diamonds wholesale. Whichever option you choose is entirely up to you, yet there are several factors you should consider for each one. When it comes to shopping for loose diamonds on the internet, buyers now feel more secure with this route. The Internet allows for deep research, comparison shopping, user product reviews and customization to order. More and more, Internet users scour the Web for great deals on loose diamonds, and with perseverance, can find them. Most commonly, Internet users use comparison sites, and for good reason. Diamond comparison sites can save you both time and money, as you can quickly narrow down which online retailers have what you want at the best price. A few pieces of advice for using Internet services to buy diamonds: first, make sure to examine the retailers return policy, in case the delivery damages the diamonds; if needed, you can look at user reviews on comparison sites to determine the quality of the sellers return policy and customer service. Second, be careful about where you get it delivered if the diamonds are supposed to be a surprise gift for someone you live with. Instead of delivering it to your house, consider getting it delivered to a friend or family members house, with the friends expressed permission. Third, consider paying in cash. Many diamond dealers negotiate a lower cost for those who handle in cash as opposed to credit or check. In the Internets case, this comes in the form of an electronic transfer from your bank. The brick and mortar diamond retailer has always been an old stand-by for those wanting to touch and inspect their diamonds personally. However, you will typically spend more money here than on the Internet or at a wholesaler. That price comes with getting your standard diamond purchase immediately, as opposed to waiting for it to be delivered. Unless its a customized purchase, such as a fancy colored diamond or a particular shape, you will walk out of the diamond retail store with the purchase in your hand. Its advisable to go to your nearest shopping mall for a jewelry store, as they will generally have several diamond retailers. This allows you to personally see and touch a wider inventory. Compare prices between diamond retailers, as they certainly wont be the same. You can a good deal by buying your loose diamonds wholesale. You will have to be near a large metropolitan area that handles large amounts of diamonds regularly, such as New York, Antwerp, or Chicago. In order to get diamonds wholesale, you will likely need a connection or personal reference from someone you know in the diamond industry. Wholesalers sell in bulk directly to retailers, such as the brick and mortar retailers previously described. The selection will typically be limited to what they have on-site, which can wildly fluctuate day-to-day. Also, most wholesalers deal strictly in loose diamonds and rarely provide jewelers services such as designing and mounting. Whether you consider brick and mortar retailers, the Internet, or a wholesaler, knowing which option provides will allow you to come up with the wisest buying decision in your diamond pursuit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: