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Web-Hosting You have to see what other things an web hosting services california will offer you. Look for a web host package that offers you free domain name and free sitebuilder with templates. This will reduce your business costs. You will not need to buy anymore domain name or softwares to build your website which is costly. Some affordable hosting web .pany is more generous. They will give $50 free Yahoo credits and $50 free Google credits. This means that you’ll get $100 worth of traffics once you sign up for their web host. Then you need to check whether it has good customer support. Sometimes you need to ask them few questions on how to set up the web host or might encounter some problems with your web host. If the customer support is bad, it will take days to answer your question and you will be losing some of your business because of one missing piece of information. A great customer support offers live chat and they will reply your email within 24 hours. Web host’s features are important when choosing web hosting services california . You need to find out what are the disk storage, gigs of site transfer etc. If your website space is large, you need a larger disk storage. A decent disk storage is 300GB or more. If your website has a lot of visitors, you need lots of gigs of site transfer. You have to check with the web host .pany whether it supports CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MYSQL. It is very rare that a web host .pany supports all these four scripts. Site stats are also important. Without site stats, you cannot check the number of unique visitors. This information is important to test your traffic generation strategies. If your strategies generate low unique visitors, you’ll immediately stop what you’re doing and look for a better strategy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: