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Outdoors In .mon with many people I keenly anticipate the start of spring since it signifies that nature is waking up once again following the winter season and it promises lot’s of pleasurable times exploring and appreciating the great outdoors. But when is the first day of Spring and what are the signs that signal to you that it is imminent? Traditionally Spring is associated with hearing the first cuckoo, well known for its distinctive call and very own life style. Actually, it is far from being the first of the migrant birds to return nonetheless it is definitely one of the first to go away again, starting back to Africa in August. Cuckoos are, of course, now un.mon in the United Kingdom and no one is really certain whether this is because of the extremely specialised conditions they require for breeding or problems back in Africa. Whatever, it is clear to me that we need a better signal that spring is here or at the very least imminent. So when does Spring start? The answer to that problem does really depend on where you may be. In the UK Spring takes pretty much eight weeks to travel from the south coast of England to the north coast of Scotland. Thats roughly walking pace. For me the first indication that Spring is on its way is the banging of the woodpecker. Here in the North of England the male begins to establish his territory and lure females in February. The indigenous birds also start to be more vocal for the same reason. Great tits particularly seem to produce a great range of rather lyrical songs at this time of year. Before too long, needless to say, we will encounter the daffodils and narcissi as they carpet our semi wild areas. Then we will begin to notice the first of those diminutive but tuneful birds the warblers. We generally .e across the first chiff chaff by the end of March followed a couple of weeks later by the Willow Warbler. These two birds are very difficult to tell apart except by their songs. The chiff chaff gets its name from its unique call whilst the willow warbler has a beautiful call which seems to depict the essence of the English country side. The fresh growth, the rich greens and the numerous types of blossom are also all amongst the signs for me that Spring genuinely is here. Two events, however, eventually do verify to me that we can officially say that Spring is here; both of them are the arrival of particular birds. The first is the swifts as they dive and swoop through the air to catch flies and then land on telegraph wires for a rest. The second is the arrival, in the stream at the bottom of our garden of the Spotted Flycatcher from Africa. Its a little bird with a dark back and practically white front that flits down to the stream to catch flying insects from just above the water. A wonderful bird and fascinating to experience as it flies up and down from its perch. A sure indication that it wont be long before I should be lighting my first barbecue of the year! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: