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Understand the name " waste more than Lu Xun; diary of a madman " the students of Beijing – terrified history: "the Republic of China: clean the 3 masters of the ZTE era" Author: Wang Zhaoqian Publishing: the modern publishing house employed by the University, Fei Ming gave the students what impression? His students in the "true" unwarranted biography of Mr. Wen said: "the one he kept talking shook his feet. His accent is very low, as there are many greasy throat phlegm. I’m from his costume – black hat, it’s cloak, and a short robe — flat, thin face, deep eyes, he seems to be a cautious businessman. Fei Ming for the first time on the podium, is about Lu Xun’s "Diary of a madman". He took off his hat, with sunken eyes and swept the young students in the classroom, and then make a sound. The sound is not high, but great teaching: "I understand the" Diary of a madman ", than Mr Lu Xun himself understood more deeply." All the students are terrified, then the racket. The classroom quiet, he speak closely reasoned and well argued. Pointed out that the "Diary of a madman" and Russian writer Gogol’s novel of the same name, and write "crazy man" with mental activity and mental state, he is reading Gogol’s "Diary of a madman". The students think the teacher really is wild, learned, knowledgeable. Sometimes, Fei Ming does have some pride. Once, he taught rhetoric sentences, do not speak eight of Tang and Song Dynasties, also do not speak to their essays of Ming and Qing Dynasty, and (unfinished) novel "the bridge" in the sentence as an example, "the sun for the" one, is out of the poetic world "is really an inspired passage. Only cool meaning". The student said, "do you think you are a big man?" Fei Ming laughed without answering. In 1934, by Shao Xunmei editor of "The Decameron" forty-fourth period, is an article written with Fei Ming Zhou Zuoren: remember the summer vacation this year, Mr. Zhou Zuoren made history of Japanese literature in order to collect materials to Tokyo, there is a Japanese asked him, Zhou Xian disciples have several outstanding figures. At that time, Mr. Zhou replied: "yes, one is taught at Tsinghua University’s Yu Pingbo, a Peking University lecturer Feng Wenbing, Mr. Feng is the pseudonym of Fei Ming." Zhou Zuoren shows how to regard Fei Ming’s disciples. At that time, Fei Ming was called "one of the three disciples of Zhou Zuoren’s commoner jingzhao. After the Lugou Bridge incident, Peking University will dismiss Fei Ming. He had no choice but to return to Hubei, Huangmei, had lived in Lama Temple, Beijing for some time. In August 11, 1939, 18, the "new news" supplement, two times published by Fei Ming, Zhu Yingdan letters, dubbed the "Feng Wenbing letter", also added a small note: "the most faithful to the soul of the work of Mr. Fei Ming, for many years no see. These short letters, which he sent to Mr. Zhu Yingdan. Thank you, Mr. gay, he let us know Mr. Feng Ping, let us in the cold world, had tasted the bitter juice drop "bamboo green."." One of the letters, talk about Zhu Yingdan’s Poems "Untitled autumn", ready to invite Lin Jing and several friends to the park and discuss. Another few相关的主题文章: