Victoria Song attended the bazaar Charity Night with Yang Yang said the friendship has not changed-瀬名アスカ

Victoria Song attended the bazaar Charity Night called friendship with Yang Yang unchanged Sina entertainment news recently, Yang Yang [micro-blog] Victoria Song [micro-blog] gossip thing again fermentation, September 7th, Song Qianfa micro-blog clarified his current single, and that the decline of speculation, declined to lose someone, to bully people, and the text of the "Long Yuan can lead the play many of the kids back home to wash sleep!" In a word, also be suspected Yang Yang refers to the implementation of the user broker, Wyatt Kay staff Liu Yuan. Today, there are friends found that search Wyatt related artists, no Victoria Song. Today, Victoria Song appeared 2016 BAZAAR Star Charity Night activities, and Sina entertainment dialogue, asked about the relationship with Yang Yang, she said, a friend is a friend". And asked whether the next cooperation with the company affected? Victoria Song responded: "has been very smooth." Sina entertainment: a lot of people are very concerned about your recent mood? Victoria Song: good mood. Sina entertainment: not the first two days of some things? Victoria Song: I’ve been in a good mood. Yeah, it’s been very smooth. Sina entertainment: that 7 micro-blog is how to return a responsibility? Victoria Song: nothing. Sina entertainment: there is no impact on the next few work arrangements? Victoria Song: work does not affect. Sina entertainment: the next cooperation with the company, will be affected? Victoria Song: No, it’s been going well. Sina entertainment: the relationship with Yang Yang? Victoria Song: a friend is a friend. Sina entertainment: what’s new in the job? Victoria Song: it’s time to take a break to play a modern drama (laughs). (Ran Zhang Dawei)相关的主题文章: