Vice governor of Shandong visited the central bank and the five lines of communication to increase c tataufo

Vice governor of Shandong visited the central bank and the five line of communication to increase the credit Sina Financial News News August 30th, 24 this month to 26, vice governor of Shandong province led Xia Geng visited the people’s Bank of China, agricultural development bank, industrial and commercial bank, agricultural bank, bank, construction bank, Chinese bank head office, Shandong, financial innovation to increase the credit risk, resolve disposal issues of communication docking, "achieved fruitful results." Shandong provincial government website said the central bank head office fully affirmed the positive progress of wealth management in Qingdao comprehensive financial reform pilot area, said the Qingdao experimental zone is the people’s Bank of Shandong Province, and jointly promote the construction of the test area, support to carry out all kinds of financial innovation is the responsibility of the people’s Bank should, in the future to promote the financial innovation pilot preferred Qingdao. In the visit agricultural issue and the five major state-owned commercial banks, Xia Geng introduced Shandong economic and financial situation, opportunities and potential development faces, to promote the reform measures and risk prevention measures. Major financial institutions, said it will focus on increasing the size of credit, promote economic restructuring and upgrading, to resolve the disposal of non-performing assets and other aspects, and actively take measures to strengthen cooperation with Shandong. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: