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Business In our house, we may find several appliances like washing machines, mixers, and refrigerators etc which allow us to live .fortably. Long time ago, however there are many other machines apart from the above, they were not popular as they were unsafe. But now things are changed. Now the effective technologies and great advances allow us to use these machines under safe and energy efficient ways. What do you answer if I ask, what is the first thing that .es to your mind when you think of heating systems? Obviously, its a boiler. Do you know what the use of boiler is? Well, let me explain, these boilers keep your home warm during winter and allows you to stay in a .fortable temperature. Now I think you have decided to install boiler in your home, right! Before going on to boiler installation, its better to know about the types of boilers. Here Ive classified the types of boilers. Keep on reading and choose the right one, Conventional boilers: In olden days, this is the most probably used boilers in all homes even in your grandmas home. This boiler is designed with large tank where the water is heated under high temperature and high pressure. And also the water inside it is heated with the use of coal, oil, gas or wood. Along with the benefits, a conventional boiler also has a disadvantage. Since this boiler is used to heat water under high temperature, its container is build with very strong material and too big that needs large area to install. You also have to search areas to install its cylinder and tank. Electric boilers: By the name itself its pretty easy to figure out what type of boiler is it? As the name suggest, this boiler use electricity to heat water. This boiler doesnt have the carbon monoxide leakage and it never produces other poisonous gases during heating process. Condensing boilers: It is very efficient and also delivers more heat .pared to the non condensing boilers. Thinking how it works? Condensing boilers turn the heat energy into usable warmth to warm your home. This boiler is best for your home. Wondering why and how? This boiler consumes less gas, reduce energy costs and also emit little bit of carbon dioxide which in turn helps to reduce green house effects. These are few popular boilers that are usually used by most home owners. I hope that now you got a fair idea about boilers. For installation purpose or boiler repair needs, you can contact the professional boiler installation or repairing firm. Stay warm inside your home by choosing the best and right boiler. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: