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Trump won the Sino US trade environment will face the challenge of automotive Sohu   today, the U.S. presidential election in full swing, the world’s attention. The final results were released on Wednesday afternoon (November 9th) in Beijing, when Donald, the Republican candidate, defeated the Democratic candidate, Hilary, to be elected as the new president of the United States of America () in the United States on!   VS.   Trump Hilary; to promote the development of the economy and the automobile industry, the two candidates for the U.S. economy policy in the future quite some tit mean. The key lies in the overall economic policy of Trump and Hilary called for tax cuts, higher taxes on the rich, and invest more in infrastructure construction, to create more jobs. At the same time, Trump and Hilary have the tendency of trade protectionism, the two are expressed on the "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" (TPP) opposition, because they think it will lead to the manufacturing industry, especially in the automotive industry jobs.   Trump VS. Hilary   Trump in the rush focus; economic policy, he played the "American" brand, called "Americanism" will replace the "globalism" has become the new sign of the United states. Trump mercilessly attacked the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), and accused some U.S. companies led to the loss of manufacturing jobs abroad. Trump accused TPP of destroying American manufacturing, especially in the automotive industry. "TPP will reduce tariffs on foreign cars and create space for foreign brands, which will affect the sale of American cars overseas." Previously, he had accused the Obama administration of foreign trade policy in a public speech, "our politicians are actively implementing globalization policy, American jobs, wealth and factories to Mexico and other countries overseas." Trump called TPP "a terrible trade agreement".   Trump will be directed at the United States car manufacturer Ford, Ford had announced its small car production in the United States to Mexico and put into use in 2018, a move was denounced as "shameful". In fact, this is not the first time Trump launched an attack on Ford "". In April this year, when Ford announced a $1 billion 600 million plant in Mexico put into production of small cars, Trump ridiculed the move as an absolute disgrace". Ford also issued a counter attack, saying that Trump’s accusations are unfounded, and that the plan will not cut jobs in the United states. In fact, not only a Ford car prices will be transferred to the small car production capacity in Mexico. Last year, GM announced that it will be in Mexico, Coahuila area investment of $350 million, the original production of Chevrolet in South Korea and the United States is moved to Mexico production. FCA also plans to shift the car production business to Mexico. Trump pointed out: "Ford that can be transferred to the Mexico automobile production capacity, but when they returned to the United States in Mexico production car sales, we must keep these cars 35% tariff, perhaps they will never leave."   even though Obama is still相关的主题文章: