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Interior-Decorating Desire to spruce up your home with an exotic flair, but don’t want to overrun your home with Asian decor, red paint, and a holy mess of Asian figurines? It’s surely not beyond your means, I swear. The reason why?How on earth could I make that promise? Quickly mull over the Japanese style of decorating. Before I got "into" decorating, my cousin who is from Great Britain visited who said that my place was "practically Japanese". Confused, I asked her what she meant. She didn’t mean any Asian decor I had (or didn’t have), but the fact that my house was so…..barren. But, hey, I had just moved in a few days before that! But voila!….the formula to a simple Asian home decor. The Japanese keep their space clutter-free, so you can just take a cue from them. What you need to do first to get on your way is go get a big box and get rid of all of your clutter. Put away what you can, homing in on items that won’t fit into an Eastern theme. If you must leave something behind, make certain that everything has its own "space". Unless the items are part of a set meant to be displayed together, each item should have breathing room distant from other items to keep the area feeling open. Now, you should find some Asian items to decorate with. What I advise: * Houseplants – If you don’t have a green thumb, or don’t have the best situation for houseplants ("Oh, honey, you’ll LOVE this apartment with no windows!"), you can always go fake. Of course, more often than not when one thinks of "houseplant" and "asian" is to go "bonsai!", but you aren’t obligated to go that route. There’s a multitude of plants that fit with Asian decor; go to your local nursery and ask a employee there about which plants are right for you. Remember to count the plant as a decoration and thus give it its own "space" as mentioned above. * Water fountains – Water fountains are a very classic feng shui application. Not only are they beautiful, their tranquil flow is so soothing after a stressful day. A few drops of bleach in the water will kill the bacteria and algae that can turn a water green and stinky. * Japanese Tea Sets/Sake Sets – Great at adorning a kitchen or dining area, even if you don’t care for sake or tea. (Dust them off to fool guests!) They can be found in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and patterns, anything from nice earthy tones to a bold blacks and reds. * Chinese Gongs – You don’t need a monstrous one sitting in your room… These gongs .e in small sizes too, perfect for a desk, end table, or even at that perfect mantle centerpiece. * Figurines – Buddha figurines are very traditional, but if you’re needing something more secular, Asian figurines .e in all shapes and sizes. Remember the infamous KISS saying: Keep It Simple, Stupid!; you only really need just a few items to bring an Asian feel to any room, and the simpler you keep it, the more each of those items will stand out. Just listen to these tips and you too can bring exotic luxury to any space. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: