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A number of ecological compensation in Tibet poverty alleviation effect — people.com.cn Tibet channel — people.com.cn original title: eco compensation in Tibet a number of significant achievements in poverty "beautiful scenery is the gold and silver mines." Xi Jinping, general secretary of the speech on promoting the construction of ecological civilization, vivid expression of the party and the government to promote the construction of ecological civilization and a strong determination. "We should have beautiful scenery, jinshanyinshan, and built the well-off ecological protection is unified. Therefore, the precise poverty alleviation action, so that the majority of poor farmers and herdsmen through ecological poverty has also been identified as one of the five batch of content. My area is the only provincial concentrated poverty area is one of the world’s rare ecological advantages of the region, one of the famous ecological fragile area. My area based on the ecological advantages, combined with ecological engineering and major existing ecological protection policies, to take the government to purchase services in a variety of ways, through the new and Teng for ecological protection policy of 500 thousand jobs, the participatory poverty population, the population of rural residents have the ability to work through participation in environmental protection and construction, to achieve decent and dignity out of poverty. The integration of capital, economic power, green Gesang, Benba, Ou Zhu, Dorji, the 4 are Geji horse town residents Ya Dong County of Shigatse city. They every week up to ditch Ya Dong fish breeding base, help the staff to clean the transfer of fish, fish pond. Relying on this income, they can increase income of about 1000 yuan per person per month. Ya Dong salmon is the autonomous region of the two wild aquatic animal protection, the fish grow only in the Ya Dong County, 20 km from Dongxiang to Dongxiang in the sub sub, is Ya Dong’s unique plateau cold water fish. Because of the low success rate of hatching, the difficulty of breeding and the high technology content, only small-scale artificial culture has been successful for many years. In the precision of poverty alleviation, in order to make the poor people by participating in the Ya Dong fish industry in Ya Dong County out of poverty, the integration of capital, and in cooperation with the Shanghai Ocean University, scientific research, expand the scale of fish breeding. The fish scale by tens of thousands suddenly expanded to more than 50. Ya Dong County, 6 towns of poor households in the 2232 poor people will benefit from the direct or indirect participation in the salmon industry, from which to benefit from the development of the industry in the town of 642. In my area, the integration of funds, ecological poverty has become an important means to solve the problem of poverty alleviation. Combining with the actual work of poverty alleviation, my area poverty alleviation department to study the development of the "Tibet autonomous region" 13th Five-Year "period of poverty alleviation policy recommendations", "Tibet autonomous region on the support of the poverty stricken counties in the use of fiscal agricultural funds to co-ordinate the integration of the pilot work of opinions", "Tibet autonomous region" 13th Five-Year "period of poverty ecological compensation plan" etc. the 6 policy system for the promotion of agricultural and pastoral areas in our region through participation in poverty alleviation poverty ecological construction provides a strong guarantee of scientific system. The autonomous region further provides the region and municipalities (ground), county (District) with carried over more than two years (including two years) of the fiscal agricultural funds are used to co-ordinate the integration of poverty alleviation and development, in addition to the established use of funds into the overall integration, I also put the agricultural, forest, tourism, strong base Huimin and Tibet funds and all other social funds into poverty alleviation co-ordination and integration)相关的主题文章: