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Three years old can eat moon cake? Here is your puzzle! – Sohu Mid Autumn Festival is coming, but also to the moon star people particularly happy time! Egg yolk, Lian Rong, ice cream, flowers moon cake…… There are a lot of strange and eccentric cakes (five ha Jen moon away, not love you ~ bud) "delicious moon cake king, you can not find out we play ~" debut "a year once reveals our precious! (moon cake King playfully face) to the question, "so, the moon is so delicious things, give the baby a piece is OK?! Wait, are you sure the baby really can eat moon cakes? Even if you want to eat, you can eat a large piece of it? And listen to the small sprout! If you want a layer to open your heart and you will see the moon cake moon cake king is a layer of a layer of a layer of sugar calories so piled up cholesterol…… Because of many kinds of cakes, each kind of heat and sugar and cholesterol levels are not the same, so sprout in a popular Shuanghuanglian mooncake as an example, to remove the heart: calories: 1 double Huang Lianrong =1 dish meat moon cake corn grain of rice bowl +1 Bortsch +1 cup frozen milk tea a pair of Huang Lianrong moon (about 190 grams) contain up to 800 calories, according to the American Association of child health advice, 1-3 baby daily calorie intake is around 1000 calories. Therefore, a moon cake is almost a day of the baby’s heat! Even if you like to eat moon cake, you can not eat a moon cake a day do not eat anything else…… Sugar: sugar 1 tablespoon sugar Huang Lianrong double moon cake =6 each pair of Huang Lianrong moon cakes as high as 72 grams, 18 teaspoon or 6 tablespoons. According to the American Heart Association (the America Heart Association) the recommendations issued by the display, 1-3 years old baby daily sugar intake should not exceed 17g, and the sugar content of a cake is 4 times more than the number of! Even if you only give the baby 1/4, sugar intake will exceed the standard. Cholesterol content: 1 pairs of Huang Lianrong moon cake =4 egg yolk a salted egg yolk contains more than 600 milligrams of cholesterol, more than double the egg yolk cholesterol content. Although the latest U.S. dietary guidelines no longer limit the intake of cholesterol in adults, according to the American Academy of family physicians (American Family Physician) released research shows that children under the age of 2 to supplement 600 mg of cholesterol cholesterol, but also for the baby is too much! The moon cake is three food, three years old to eat from the above comparison is not difficult to see that the moon cake is a "three high" food, high calorie, high sugar, high fat, the fillings (such as lotus seed paste and bean paste) and the crust are often mixed with a lot of fat, more animal oil to be crisp taste of bentazon. And the outer cortex of the moon cake is hard, not easy to digest. Due to three years of age, children’s gastrointestinal function has not yet fully developed, the baby after eating moon cake is likely to cause gastrointestinal burden, causing.相关的主题文章: