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There are eleven double Zanji sense: 11.11 money is also a skill across people can not refuse, you may feel that the money is also a skill! Especially for DIY zanwei, many brands, many accessories, money play is more incredibly. In order to help you in the 11.11 value of the imagination cuanji shopping experience, the author sums up three big money game, hope to help you a helping hand, to do more with less money to! 11.11 strokes: a cuanji money limit difficulty: high limit seckill seckill is money the most direct and simple and crude, but the higher the coefficient of difficulty. So, how to smooth spike to ASUS Tmall 11.11 activities in the explosion? First of all, the collection of favorite products and join the shopping cart; then, a good alarm clock, in November 11th 0 points, at the beginning of the second spike, spike, and then wait for the last 20 minutes, finally, the time that the next single, the time to test your hand to the! 11.11 / two: full cut cuanji money difficulty index: low DIY zanwei needs very many accessories, so many businesses are designed with full cut money play. We all know that DIY can be a combination of hardware collocation, flexibility is very high, even if some parts are not seckill goods, consumers can also choose other cuanji combination. It can be said that this method is relatively easy to save money to achieve relatively easy. The ASUS motherboard 11.11 in Jingdong will be opened directly to the full 100-20 of a single product to reduce the large promotional activities, to participate in more difficult. ASUS Z170-A full cut after only 999, ten phase power supply design, white armor, blade cooling, more rapid M.2 interface, a can not miss a single product value; and the game player can choose the ASUS B150 PRO GAMING AURA motherboard, full cut after only 739 yuan! The board has many gaming efficiency technology, effectively enhance the gaming experience; the design of the ASUS B150M-PLUS motherboard 6 phase digital power supply, equipped with USB Type-C interface, very suitable for entry-level users, full cut after only 499 yuan. 11.11 / three: cuanji money coupon difficulty index: the lower limit with the same method this coupon seckill, save money for all the goods are basically universal! Plainly, the coupon is actually a disguised price, there is the threshold, there is no threshold. In this 11.11, the major electricity providers are basically issuing coupons to attract consumers crazy. This does not, ASUS motherboard 11.11 also issued a number of coupons, the first to buy concessions to upgrade again! For example, 11.11 ASUS Tmall’s flagship Z170 PRO GAMING motherboard panic buying price 1299 yuan, Tmall superimposed coupons, vouchers and coupons after the night can be as low as 1209 yuan, with five sets of package, is very favorable! In short, as long as give full play to these three big money game, I believe we will be in the 11.11 fantasy value Zanji shopping experience. Be sure not to miss china.相关的主题文章: