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The vehicle purchase tax for the end of the month end? — car — original title: vehicle purchase tax for the end of the month end? Reporter correspondent Zhou Hua – Ouyang right "offers the last bus, car now" — this slogan in Fuzhou 4S shop everywhere, car dealers claim that "small displacement vehicle purchase tax reduction policy at the end of October". However, the state announced the purchase tax policy is: from October 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016 to buy 1.6 liters and below the displacement of vehicle purchase tax halved. This is how to return a responsibility? Is there a change in policy? Don’t be fooled by the policy has not changed during the golden week, see a lot of people. Mr. Lin gates these days is the selection of vehicles, many car dealer told him that the car purchase tax preferential policies by the end of October. Reporter noted that this statement has been handed down for a period of time, the Internet media and even some Chibidaigou prospective owners spread: the purchase of small cars tax policy to the end of the end of October this year. Reporters yesterday in the Chinese automobile city and Masson 4S shop to see similar publicity. In Masson a Chevrolet 4S shop, conspicuous location shop display the countdown, the "reminder" said on the purchase and below 1.6 liters of displacement passenger car vehicle purchase tax levied by the implementation of the policy of the time is from October 1, 2015 to October 31, 2016; to cancel the purchase tax, means "90 thousand yuan car, more out of 4000 yuan tax, 300 thousand yuan car to more than 17 thousand yuan of tax". According to the "purchase tax cut policy by the end of October the end of this argument, the reporter to the Fuzhou Municipal State Taxation Bureau for confirmation, the answer is: the xiaoxibushi. Municipal tax bureau made it clear that the car purchase tax halved in October due to rumors. Car purchase tax preferential policies concluded in December 31, 2016, has not received any policy adjustment documents. Discount is defined as the invoice date shall prevail, 1.6 liters and below the displacement of passenger cars by the tax rate of 5% levied on vehicle purchase tax execution period from October 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016. In other words, the end of the policy, there are less than 3 months from now, there are people who want to buy a car as long as the attention to the deadline. "Tax is not necessarily before the deadline." IRS official said that the purchase tax reduction policy is to enjoy the conditions of the issuance date of invoice, as long as the owner holds the vehicle sales invoice indicating the purchase date of this period are required to enjoy the preferential policies on vehicle purchase tax. The owner in December 31, 2016 after the date of purchase can still handle the relevant vehicle before the December 31, 2016 vehicle sales invoice purchase tax matters, in December 31, 2016 before the opening of the Car Buying invoice, even in January 2017 to pay taxes, can also enjoy preferential. The new car on the road for nearly 50% journalists from the city enjoy preferential tax bureau, since October 1, 2015, the vehicle purchase tax cut policy implementation, Fuzhou owners burden)相关的主题文章: