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UnCategorized Are you disappointed with the results your website achieves? Do you want to increase your sales? Follow these simple steps and watch your online sales go through the roof. Here are the three keys you need to make your website successful, according to Guerrilla Marketing Guru Jay Conrad Levinson: 1.Number one and it’s a hard one but you have to do it and do it continuously: start compiling a list of people who are called "opt inners" – the people who want to hear from you, who have asked to receive emails from you. Never stop compiling it. It’s hard but it’s not complicated. You should ask every customer to join your list and ask everyone who visits your website to join your list. You should ask for it wherever you possibly can because the list is the key to success on the Internet. 2.Start sending everyone on your list regular short emails (about a half page long) with a fascinating subject line. You should have a hyperlink on that email through to your website. Your website can be as long as you want it to be. Don’t make it too short however because visitors won’t feel they have sufficient information to make an intelligent purchase decision. 3.Have a killer website. You achieve that by ensuring that you give attention to the following eight areas: planning, content, design, involvement, production, follow-up, promotion and maintenance. Planning Most websites fail because the business owner hasn’t planned it properly. You have to ask yourself: "What do I want on my website? Do I want to sell things? Do I want to provide information? Do I want to direct people to my showroom?" Content It’s content that will attract people to your website, bring them back for more and encourage them to refer other people to your website. Design People spend a matter of between three and five seconds looking at your website and then decide whether to stay or leave. The design is what helps them to make that decision. Involvement You need something on the website that allows people to register and participate. It might be to take part in a sweepstake, to register for a newsletter or to sign up for a special report. Production How do you produce a website? You can buy software that helps you to create a website that looks good, reads well and even gets posted on some of the search engines. Follow-up Use auto responders so that you can follow-up requests from your customers or potential customers in two hours or less. Promotion When you put a website up, it is invisible and the only people who know it is there are the people you tell. You must promote your website offline as well as online. Maintenance A website needs constant nurturing, updating and attention. If you pay attention to the three key elements you’ll make money on the Internet and you’ll spend hardly anything. The keys to success online are the quality of your opt-in list, the quality of your content, the speed at which you get back to people, the change that people see in your website and the personalisation. About the Author: Strategies like that can explode your small business quickly, that’s why I’d suggest you go right now to ..freemarketingbook.. and request a copy of Jonathan Jay’s new book "Marketing Secrets of a Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur" Copyright SuccessTrack 2009 Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: