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The "new vagabondize" ending tonight revenge VS food themselves forgiveness – Sohu entertainment Zhu Yilong, Zhang Xinyu > > > Zhang Xinyu guest chat client "new vagabondize" Sohu entertainment by the Beijing Oriental Feiyun international film produced by Limited by Share Ltd, Mr. Gu classical novel adaptation of the TV series "new vagabondize" [opera] tonight (September 12th) shocking ending, since July 18th broadcast, with the plot and rich color wonderful martial arts style gained loyal audience tonight, Fu Hongxue (Zhu Yilong), Ma Fangling (Zhang Xinyu), Ye Kai (Yu Qingbin ornaments), with two generations of grievances to all corners of the country children, the end this occurred in the border town story ending. Zhu Yilong broke the protagonist aura revenge VS introduced the "new self forgiveness vagabondize" adaptation of the ancient dragon’s Novels "Prodigal Son", this works in Cologne in the novel although not the loudest reputation, but its core is worthy of profound thinking readers: introspection, anti hero under the aura. In the book, Fu Hongxue as one of the main characters, he is out for revenge, he was silent, forbear, restraint, as the light in the deepest shadows. However, his revenge is a joke, he is not a real day feather son, day feather death is not "hero GanXie harm", it is more like a "selfish dictator was overthrown" story, when Revenge of nature does not stand on the moral high ground, and the impact of such a contrast can often bring readers thinking, thinking of the behavior of the starting point of what is right and wrong way of looking at the problem, when this kind of thinking is composed of "justice" is synonymous with "hero" brings, the effect will be a plus. In the "new vagabondize", when Fu Hongxue became the real hero of the story, his loneliness and body after the The case is entirely cleared. absurdity is magnified in the play, he revenge hurt many and have no animosity against him who is almost ruined his favorite bell Ma Fang the life of Zhu Yilong, will Fu Hongxue along the way, from indifference to humanity is awakened, to suppress their emotional hunger, to finally know the truth after the collapse of the interpretation is in place, people can hardly believe that such an extreme image is composed of a less than thirty year olds deduction the people understand Zhu Yilong more difficult to imagine him for this role to pay, can let the flames as a group are shrouded in dark eyes, even the audience will feel that Zhu Yilong is the black black boy Fu Hongxue. IP classic martial arts arena only from the evil awakening feelings of fault as a classic IP remake of the drama, "the new vagabondize" although not perfect, but it is a really comply with the martial spirit of sincerity to make, it is not in the pursuit of great effect and add a lot of unnecessary drama, this is a place in our story, but not arena, attitudes and taste. The audience can see many different images here in the desert sands, bright sunshine vane (Yu Qingbin ornaments) good, tough Ma Fangling (Zhang Xinyu ornaments), tormented cuinong (Chai Wan ornaments), wily flower clothing (Vincent Chiao ornaments), the prodigal son of the heart.相关的主题文章: