The keyboard also upgraded Apple’s new Mac notebook with an electronic ink keyboard pigeon blood

The keyboard will also upgrade Apple’s new Mac notebook will use electronic ink keyboard, according to foreign media reports, Apple Corp will hold a press conference later this month, refresh the long-awaited Mac product line. The protagonist of this conference, will be a completely redesigned MacBook Pro, which is expected in the multi function key above the keyboard, equipped with a special pair of touch screen, the screen will associate the rumors on the application of switching function according to the currently open. According to a new report, Apple’s keyboard is the only peripheral product apple is developing. It is understood that this peripheral products for the new MacBook keyboard module, which is expected to appear on the next generation of MacBook Pro, OLED function button panel is definitely the most exciting changes in recent years, notebook. Followed by an outsider does not know Apple is developing a new Magic Keyboard keyboard, its biggest feature is equipped with electronic ink keys, but is still in its early stages. Many people are familiar with Apple’s current Magic Keyboard wireless keyboard, but the new model will completely change the way users use the Mac, the key may also be replaced by color rather than black and white.相关的主题文章: