The jade stone fell on the car’s 1 hours to find the owner tda7294

The jade stone fell on the car’s 1 hours to find the owner driving a taxi showmanship in the street, I happened to look back when they saw two pieces of valuable jade stone on the back seat of the taxi driver, Hai Yanhua immediately call 110, and to the management department for filing. 1 hours later, two pieces of jade stone "back", returned to the hands of Mr. qiu. Reporter yesterday from the management department learned that since the beginning of winter, people with thickening of clothing, more and more passengers a taxi when throwing things, management department received daily telephone consultation, half of them are looking for the lost. Careless passengers lost jade stone good brother the first time to find the owner of yesterday afternoon, Dazhong Taxi Company Driver KV8931 Su Hai Yan Hua hurried to the city management office, to the staff reported: "just a piece of jade two passengers to get off will be forgotten in the car, I have to report to the police to the police……" About 3 in the afternoon, the sea master out from near the bus station to the armed police hospital. Passengers get off shortly after the sea master zone near the passenger traveling to Guang Fu Garden, found a two piece of jade on the back seat. Sea master and passengers to discuss, the first time the 110 call, the police station will be two pieces of jade back. After that, the sea master can not attend to do business, directly to the car to the city passenger management department, the initiative to just pick up two pieces of jade things. 1 hours later, the owner of the jade appeared. Qiu call the city management office, to find two pieces of jade, the staff checked off time and place, the characteristics of information, and found the sea master before filing completely conforms to. In the guidance and help of the staff, Mr. Qiu soon in the police station to reclaim the two piece of jade stone. Sea master in business, also did not forget the two pieces of jade, just call for Mr. Qiu lost shortly after the sea master again contact customer office, asked the two pieces of jade did not find the owner. When that has been returned to the owner, the owner said thanks to him, the sea master smiled and said: "all right, all right, as long as things to the passengers, I can rest assured." Taxi lost something more mobile phone wallet phenomenon most easily lost luggage reporters yesterday from the management department learned that since the beginning of winter, with the thickening of the clothes of people, the car becomes more absent-minded phenomenon, "the next day calls, most of them are to look for it, you see, this record has five or six find out what information." Management department staff, according to statistics, every year two seasons are taxi lost items more concentrated "season, summer wear less clothing, some people are not accustomed to the bag, just holding a mobile phone, wallet or something on the car seat, to a place under the car is easy to forget; the winter clothing, hats, gloves and the like, the car is usually picked off, also easy to forget." What is the easiest thing to lose? The staff of the mobile phone, wallet, luggage and belongings "top", yesterday afternoon, the reporter in the management office for a special storage room to see the lost, lost items of a wide variety, from the crutch to the cart, from the wedding to yuan相关的主题文章: