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The introduction of new regulations to regulate the property market   property funds will return "tonic" A shares? – Yunnan Channel – People’s original title: the introduction of the new property market regulation and control of the property market will return to the capital, nourishing A shares? Eleven holidays, the global stock market performance is relatively stable, the global stock market index, the Dow Jones index fell 0.37%, China’s Hongkong Hang Seng Index rose by 2.38%. Reporters found that in the past ten years, the first day of the first A probability during the same period, the world’s major stock indexes of eleven shares of holiday vacation after roughly the same. It is worth noting that, in the holiday period, more than 20 city resorted to the property purchase restrictions or credit limit orders. Some agencies have pointed out that if this regulation can bring short-term price correction, and monetary policy to maintain loose, the funds are expected to nourish A shares. The Shanghai Composite Index in the past ten years seven times off it is worth noting that in the past ten years, the Shanghai index to achieve a good start of the first day of the festival reached number 70%. Among them, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2015 are synchronous increases and the Hang Seng Index (Dow Jones fellow and the Hang Seng index is between eleven long performance). But in 2013 and 2014, the Dow Jones index and the Hang Seng Index fell eleven cumulative in the holiday period, the Shanghai index is still able to achieve a good start. Although not only historical data to determine the future trend of A shares, but in some of the same points, the same event, if there is a similar result, indicating that there is still behind its logic. For example, after a long vacation, liquidity at the end of the season, at the end of the market worries disappear, break through, and the peripheral index also gave A shares a guide. Therefore, the probability of short-term rebound in the festival is quite large." One does not want to disclose the identity of the brokerage strategist said. Whether the capital return of A shares market regulation policies need to look at the reporter observed, in addition to the global stock index, there are still many factors that may affect the A stock market, such as the Golden Week tourism, retail industry maintained two digit growth, film bottlenecks, the dollar price of gold fell, crude oil prices, the devaluation of the pound, the U.S. employment data below expected. In the context of asset shortage, capital can enter the stock market? There are professionals who said that depends on policy! During the holiday season to press time reporter, there are Shanghai, Nanjing, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Beijing and other 21 cities have issued a new property market regulation policy, not only involves the purchase of loans is also restricted. Investors are generally concerned about whether the new regulations will force the funds back to the stock market? In this regard, chief investment adviser Wanlian securities Gu Zhenhua believes that a new round of real estate regulation, and since July China economic fundamentals continue to improve, A shares may rebound. However, Chen Jie, chief strategist at GF Securities pointed out that since 2005, there is a certain cycle of housing price correction rule, if the monetary easing cycle, falling house prices or favorable to the stock market. In September 2008 and in May 2014, the two house prices fell in the monetary easing cycle, during which the stock market fell after a rise, a sharp rise in the property market does not rule out the inflow of funds into the stock market. 2)相关的主题文章: