The Internet World Conference on Internet money Niuniu Ni Shuyin ten years of reform and technology aizi

The Internet World Conference on Internet money Niuniu Ni Shuyin ten years of reform – tech Sohu Texun November 19th hearing, the third world Internet Congress formally closed. The Internet community Carnival brought together almost all China technology giants, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Yang Yuanqing, Robin Li, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei, Zhou Hongyi, Lei Jun, Wang Xing and other bigwigs gathered in a rare, they unveiled by various media chase. Not only 11 weeks away from the waste heat of only a week, which is the golden week after the news of the on the hot list. This year, Tmall and Taobao 11 total turnover of the day reached an astonishing 120 billion 700 million, compared with last year, an increase of 32.37%. Which accounted for 82% of the mobile terminal, resulting in a total of 657 million logistics orders. Ma Yun at the opening of the World Conference on Internet generous speech: "the next 30 years will not only" Internet Co "of the world, the next 30 years is to" make good use of the Internet technology company, is "the use of the Internet technology" country of the world, "is the use of the Internet technology" the young people of the world." Under the stage a group of young Internet practitioners are excited. This is the ten year of the Chinese Internet, after 80 who are actually not young, this group has been the hottest Internet people today almost all have more than 10 years of experience in the internet. Many people have begun to move from the management of their own business, has become a group of people chasing capital. A member of the CEO Ni Shuyin is the money you force in entrepreneurship. Ni Shuyin graduated 06 years were recruited as the second batch of Tencent, Tencent management trainee into the newly formed at the caifutong department, after 2 years, Ni Shuyin quit Baidu BaiduPay, follow the team to build e-commerce and payment system. After joining the public comment, is responsible for the overall strategy to review the buy business, budget and implementation. Another comment from the group purchase over the past 2 years, thousands of war in deus ex, from the 0 market share in the industry first do is always a stalemate in second, Ni Shuyin and her team contributed. The merger reviews and beauty group is Ni Shuyin left business later, many former colleagues and old club and also let has become an entrepreneur Ni Shuyin with emotion. Used to see the industry’s rise and fall, capital of fanaticism and winter, the business model and sought to defeat, Ni Shuyin think the trend over the past ten years Chinese Internet is very obvious: from the original logic pure Internet social networking tools to Internet plus transfer, the Internet and traditional industries combined more closely. Taobao changed the shopping, travel drops changed, the logic behind this is 75- 90 demographic dividend tide of demand in the change, not only on behalf of Internet communications and game, but penetrated into every aspect of life in the field of service. Ni Shuyin specially rushed to Wuzhen to participate in the world Internet Conference, is regarded as a commemoration of their own business for ten years. The next outlet is two years ago Shuyin left the financial Ni public comment and several Tencent classmates and friends, co founded the financial technology platform currently more than 150 users money Niuniu, again this year by leaps and bounds development)相关的主题文章: