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The holiday stocks rise sounded Turisthotellet and other three sectors highly favored funds Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my – reporter Zhang Ying Ren rain editor’s note: just after the Mid Autumn Festival, "eleven" holiday come. From the performance of the stock market over the years, large consumer stocks before and after the holiday will generally get market attention. Is the so-called "golden nine silver ten", in the peak season of consumption driven, holiday economy stocks will undoubtedly bring high profits to the relevant listed company continued. Yesterday, household appliances, Turisthotellet and wine and other holiday stocks gainers, subject to financial concerns. Today, this article especially for the above three plates and its leading stocks were analyzed for investors. Household appliances 10 stocks rose more than 10% in the month, according to the Securities Daily Market Research Center statistics show that in the home appliance stocks in the stock price rose yesterday, the stock has reached only 61, accounting for more than 80.26% of the shares, accounting for more than 76. The sun rises in the East, to achieve the limit, Han Yu, Qingdao Haier, Zhejiang Meida, Huayi compression and other stocks also rose more than 5%, respectively 5.96%, 5.87%, 5.73%, 5.30%. Capital flows yesterday, plate overall trend showed a net inflow of funds, the cumulative net inflow of large single capital 4 million 317 thousand and 300 yuan, of which, 32 stocks to achieve large net inflow of funds, GREE topped the single net inflow of funds reached 135 million 161 thousand and 300 yuan, hailigufen (79 million 821 thousand yuan), Qingdao Haier (54 million 833 thousand yuan), Han Yu (34 million 297 thousand and 700 yuan), Li Meng (27 million 840 thousand and 800 yuan) and other stocks of large single net inflow of funds also were more than 20 million yuan. It is worth noting that the home appliance stocks in September since the performance is more prominent, the share price outperformed the stock market in the month there are 42, accounting for more than 55.26%. Among them, GREE electric appliances (24.66%), sunwoda (22.26%), Li PA (14.65%), Jia Wei shares (12.98% shares), Zhejiang Meida (12.56%), Li Meng (11.03%), de Ho Runda (10.67%), sunlight (10.55%), sunrise (10.20%) and hailigufen (10.02%) and other 10 stocks the cumulative increase of over 10%. Investment opportunities, Shanxi securities, said that in the first half of 2016, the domestic white market continued downward trend in the overall situation, the three giants of the United States of America, GREE, Haier has achieved a significant increase in net profit year on year. The main reason on the one hand from the enterprise operating efficiency, channel integration and optimization capabilities to enhance the rapid decline in costs; on the other hand, the rapid expansion of overseas mergers and acquisitions business income, market growth is obvious. In the second half of the year is not expected to have a large market fluctuations, enterprises will continue the first half of the trend. Stocks may be concerned about: Qingdao Haier, Vanward electric, Sichuan Changhong, AUCMA, Midea Group, etc.. The overall value of the Turisthotellet sector continued to rise, according to the Securities Daily Market Research Center statistics相关的主题文章: