The haze of the Summer Palace in autumn were so beautiful, if sunny – Sohu to eat and drink

The haze of the Summer Palace in autumn were so beautiful, if sunny? Sohu and empire a week of haze, let a person to hold the breath. This pure haze can not cover, Hongkong aircraft 3 times without landing, returned to Hongkong. Sunday afternoon, the breeze, but still shrouded haze. See friends return pass by the Summer Palace, not for a long time, then from the north gate to enter Suzhou Street, looking for the most beautiful autumn scenery of the Summer Palace. If it is sunny, sunny, will definitely be another scene. Walk along the Lake Road, where tourists rarely, especially clean, suitable for relaxation. The air is good, wind, fog and haze in gradually away from us. All images for the original red brother chowhound reprint please indicate. Under the fog and haze of Suzhou Street, Suzhou Street is an imitation of Jiangnan water town built trading street. The prototype for Bai Juyi Ren Suzhou Cishi duzao Suzhou First Street — seven in ponds. There are all kinds of shops Qingyi Garden period on the shore, such as jade antique shops, duandian, snack shop, restaurant, the Summer Palace Suzhou Street gold silver jewelry building. The shop clerk are eunuchs and maids dress up. When the emperor began to business travel. After the lake shore, dozens of shops in 1860 had been burned. The landscape is rebuilt in 1986. Suzhou Street is a historical and cultural landscape, is a unique natural landscape, in the palace, little and dainty, mountains and water, like the southern picture ornament in the building after the axis of the mountain lake, highlighted the lake after the quiet and elegant, the city forest concentrated image reproduced the emperor Qian Long mother’s love to play. Is the most beautiful colors. Perhaps a strong wind, the leaves will There is not much left.. Autumn scenery is so difficult to shoot, as early as a lot of green, but the leaves have turned yellow and red, a strong wind and the whole fall. Walk along the path, you can see a variety of colors. Red yellow and green is the main color of absolute. The grass on a red leaf. The trees on the shore are tilted, and the slope is very large, so it is made of bricks, perhaps in order to prevent soil erosion. Such a beautiful scene, which can not take pictures, see a lot of tourists are taking pictures. This yard, a little sense of rhythm, do not know who lived. Quiet path. The trees on the shore has been looking for hundreds of years. The leaves are yellow. Is it a little bit tilted? This is not the time to tilt the composition, is a lot of trees are tilted. Very few trees to be vertical. The Summer Palace beautiful autumn. This is an ancient, has now been closed. The most famous ancient the Summer Palace or prolong wells. It is said that the Empress Dowager Ci Xi said, in a garden in heatstroke, drink this well to the hydrolysis of heat, so the given name Yannian wells". Wells drilled in 1903 time, water taste sweet, water is a special meal tea empress. Tall and straight poplar. The white walls and gray tiles red, green trees. This color collocation is very good-looking. Maple leaf red. Late autumn season, a rare piece of green.相关的主题文章: