The first insurance regulatory maming’s death served as Jiahe life Chairman jslottery

The first insurance regulatory maming’s death served as chairman of sina Jiahe life insurance fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: WeChat public number: A wisdom Paul maming home, engaged in financial supervision, including financial institutions and insurance regulatory agencies, securities institutions, non banking institutions, known as the "Chinese insurance regulation" of the first person, a former Jiahe life (now renamed the caf life) chairman, on the morning of October 8, 2016 died of illness. The memory of the old horse, I wish all the way along. The first 1 people China insurance regulatory supervision career maming maming home died of illness, served as the financial department of the people’s Bank of China served as deputy director and director, deputy director general of our bank, non banking division as the deputy director of the Department of insurance, office director, known as "the first person China insurance regulation". In 1993 the "Tianjin financial monthly magazine" published maming speech at the opening ceremony of the national insurance law and insurance actuarial training, when the people’s Bank of China maming Ren HKMA deputy director of the division of. From the speech content of China’s insurance industry is in its infancy. Abstract: the party’s speech since the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, with the gradual deepening of economic reform, the continuous improvement of national income, the insurance industry has achieved great development and made significant achievements. First, the addition of insurance institutions. In the appropriate branch company of People’s Insurance Company of China at the same time, a group of Chinese Ping (601318, shares) China insurance company, Pacific Insurance (601601, shares) company, Xinjiang Corps insurance companies and nine regional life insurance company, also introduced the AIA insurance company Shanghai branch, Hongkong Ming An insurance company, Shenzhen Hainan branch. Up to now, the country has a total of 19 insurance companies, branch offices of 4424, employing 120 thousand people. In addition, there are 190 thousand insurance agencies, insurance agents more than 28 people. Two is to broaden the insurance channels. Not only to expand the types of insurance, but also opened the life insurance. According to statistics, there are more than 300 kinds of insurance. Three is the development of the insurance business. In 1992 China’s insurance premium income (including savings) reached 38 billion yuan, representing an increase of 56%, the top of this year will be more than 50 billion yuan. A total of 700 thousand enterprises to participate in the enterprise property insurance, the family property insurance in the family of 143 million, the number of people participated in a variety of personal insurance 313 million. All hook payment of insurance claims 11 billion 190 million yuan, for the payment of insurance premiums of 5 billion 880 million yuan to 23 thousand and 780. As a kind of social security system, insurance has fully demonstrated its important role in stabilizing the operation of the industry, stabilizing the people’s lives and promoting economic development. 2 market first China career insurance supervision maming maming died of illness from 1999 to China reinsurance company deputy general manager. Engaged in the management of reinsurance companies in china. 2005 was invited to participate in the Jiahe life maming theory相关的主题文章: