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The financial industry "dual IT" fusion cast a new development path of Sohu technology at present, all walks of life in the tide of development of cloud computing and big data, are faced with a new choice of digital transformation, however with the traditional business of traditional IT is still in the continued development of robust. So we are very concerned about the financial sector, so how to get a new path in the new era of the development of the financial sector IT it? September 8th -11, the twenty-fourth China International Financial exhibition held in Beijing exhibition hall. "Double IT" fusion, fusion has become a big industry represent the general trend in the direction of integration trend, everyone can see, however, for the enterprise IT vendors, its core is how to "take the customer as the center" to provide a better experience and support? How to deal with the challenges of the back-end IT on the basis of traditional business to ensure new business applications? This is placed in the industry under the convergence of the looming problem. Lenovo has committed to providing full ecological IT infrastructure for financial users, for the CIO to do a comprehensive research, found that most bank user CIO needs to do comprehensive planning in the original system, the new business as the new IT deployment, you need to have a sound consideration in the two-state IT ". Such a process for CIO, can not be regarded as a challenge, especially those IT technology team is not very perfect banking users, the problem facing the CIO more severe. In addition, banking users in the new application based on the IA architecture (Intel Architecture, IA Intel x86 architecture) for new deployments has become a trend. The focus shift from UNIX platform to IA structure is also considered, Lenovo compliance national independent safety control based on migration to help users make architecture, to support the "two-state IT" in the transformation and development of the Internet era, the realization of IA architecture application safe, stable and efficient. As the financial industry IT infrastructure solutions provider, Lenovo Group in order to stabilize the foundation, build IT duplex breakthrough sensitive financial wisdom as the theme of the exhibition 2016 China international financial exhibition. In steady state, the new opportunity to grasp the trend of small and medium-sized financial users and technology updates, Lenovo has seen very clearly, so how to achieve the effective integration of the two-state IT "in the financial field? How to further expand the association in the financial sector business? In the "Internet plus Inclusive Finance under the background of Lenovo, a series of front scene financial service solution construction scheme and back-end data center solutions into a new force for the financial industry. In this regard, vice president of Lenovo Group, Chinese District commercial business sales General Manager Ye Ming pointed out that the analysis of the financial industry, including many fields of banking, insurance, securities and so on, but the financial sector first look at the banking industry, is mainly the four major state-owned commercial banks (in agriculture, industry and commerce, construction). Therefore, the development of an industry, the need to go deep into a dominant industry areas, in order to really get the opportunity to develop their own. However, for Lenovo, the development of.相关的主题文章: