The financial circles are entangled with the entertainment circle! Fidelity Fund – fund channel busy ppbox

The financial circles are entangled with the entertainment circle! Fidelity Fund – fund channel said busy whitewash gossip and entertainment coupons District finally twisted! Zhang Yuqi said the wedding, husband was broker circle, was once the fund circles, but the news OUT, now Shuabing, is involved in the SW and Fidelity Fund, are clear: we do not have the "before" person. Today, the star Zhang Yuqi studio officially announced the marriage of Zhang Yuqi. The world’s best wedding studio this morning: publicity, A thing has its cause. exposed a Zhang Yuqi and her husband lived in Shanghai state of the video, Zhang Yuqi studio in order to avoid more real news spread, and there may be unreal broke, and decided to take the initiative to open the real situation. Zhang Yuqi studio revealed that Zhang Yuqi and his wife have been married, and expressed concern for the outside world of care and blessing. Princess Bella, miss Zhang Yuqi has found her prince beast, two single people met for ten days in seventy days, acquaintance married, this is a just perfect to meet, who believe in love will always be the fate of the visit. Thank you for your concern and blessing, only willing to work quietly, a light life. Who knows today, the star of a frank disclosure of information, but so many financial institutions because of Zhang Yuqi’s marriage and lying gun. The financial circle "in Hao Hao? Today, Zhang Yuqi studio issued a statement micro-blog said, Zhang Yuqi has been with Mr. licensing, and said two people met 10 days in 70 days after they get married. Users have lamented the goddess of decisiveness and generous swallow food blessing ~ then, Sina entertainment exclusive investigation report, the man is Shanghai’s financial sector, with a number of companies, is a worthy of the name "Hao Hao". It was so many readers in financial circles: the original is the nouveau riche! Sina entertainment more details of the message is that Zhang Yuqi’s current husband named Yuan Bayuan, Ph.D., Fudan University, CFA, has many years of experience in securities, funds. In July 2002, Shenyin Wanguo Securities Investment headquarters as an investment manager, investment planning department, Fidelity Fund Management Limited as a researcher, assistant fund manager, the fund manager, is currently sitting on a number of companies. According to the enterprise network information, participation of supervisors Zhang Yuqi husband now is Shanghai new general investment company, Shanghai sea Real Estate Co. Ltd., is Jian Shang industrial Limited by Share Ltd, Jian Shang Garment Co. Ltd., general director of Cci Capital Ltd, legal person, financial strength. Exclaim, Sina entertainment paparazzi spirit good wow! The Zhang Yuqi is the husband of the bottom line dug through the end! Speaking of the filthy rich, Zhang Yuqi and current husband met a man in company held in July 2nd this year, she participated in the "Chongqing Nanping Wanda shop opening ceremony". Zhang Yuqi in the day also sent a micro-blog, understanding, both sides are single, never married man. Zhang Yuqi’s husband is not a financial person on the list of women’s financial gold man, and finally to the marriage, it seems to be a happy ending! However, with"相关的主题文章: