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Science Hugh Everett III is considered to be the father of the parallel universe theory . For any sci-fi and parallel universe junkie, this name .es as no surprise. A genius of a mathematician and quantum physicist, Hugh Everett changed the way we looked at the universe. To the rest of the world, he may be a chain-smoker and an alcoholic who suffered a premature death, but to anyone remotely interested in quantum physics as well as the universe, he is no lesser than an Albert Einstein. In 1954, Hugh Everett along with his classmate from Princeton, Charles Misner and a visitor named Aage Petersen was trying to conjure up seemingly ridiculous conclusions to their observations in quantum mechanics. This is when the idea of many worlds took root in Hugh Everetts mind; an idea which would be considered to be as real as atoms and the universe in .ing decades. A genius is never recognized in his time. Concurring to this clich, people thought of this theory to be fictitious as more of a metaphysical or spiritual issue similar to past life regression or dj vu. The parallel universe theory of many worlds states that parallel universes and worlds exist and they are identical and related to our universe. According to Everett, our universe branches out from a series of universes and numerous universes branch out from ours. Events in each of these universes are related to each other but with slightly different decisions and For example, if humans are the dominant creature in this world, probably dianosaurs will be the dominant creatures in some other universe. The roots of the parallel universe theory, however, can be found at the microscopic level of quantum mechanics. The theory is based on the fact that when quantum particles are measured, they can exist at two or more locations with differing orientations, spins and velocities. Despite of this, when a quantum particle is measured at one of these locations, it will show distinct characteristics. Similarly taking this observation to a larger level, when we observe our universe, we are looking at just one location of the particle giving it unique characteristics. Everett believes that in every situation where there are two or more possible, the universe instantly splits to ac.modate these possibilities. For example, if you are thinking of where to eat your next meal, there are a number of possibilities. One of the possibilities is at a restaurant, the other one is home. Once you take the decision to eat at a restaurant, the universe will split to two. In the other universe, you would decide to eat at home. Similarly, when you decide to eat at a restaurant, you have a number of choices. The universe will again split to ac.modate all those choices. Just like metaphysical theories such as past life regression, meditation etc, Everetts parallel universe theory with many worlds also faced strong criticism and even ridicule. However, with the passage of time and the contribution of other physicists such as Stephen Hawking, the idea of parallel universes is considered to be very real today as scientists and mathematicians dig deeper into the mystery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: