Sunshine, glass, logs, which may be the most popular in Chengdu’s hot pot – Sohu eat and drink coinwatch

The sun, glass, wood, this is probably the most literary of Chengdu fish Hot pot – Sohu eat and drink in this dark and heavy steel in the forest, there may be many people CDER wants to escape from the city every day, dreaming of poetry and distance. Or is to have a house facing the sea, spring; or the way water from high mountains, the horizon of the poem is the desire for firewood or wander; grooming, carefree and content of the pastoral life. But life is not only a front struggling, later the dog. Then the youth literature also had to face the complicated and trivial eyes, and feelings and ideal can actually achieve in life, such as a short field trip, or enjoy a quiet time, can also go to a restaurant to meet the delicacy. Compared with the crowds the delicacy street, I prefer quiet and peaceful life is Shuanglin Road, worldly, also has a low-key romantic atmosphere. Recently, a glass sun restaurant into the North Branch of Shanxi Street the most warm place the most. This is a green street resort the entire surface of the glass wall, outside the trees and passers-by hurried, lively but not noisy, just have a body in the human heart in the distant sense of peace. In addition to the outer walls of glass, there is a small area made of bright sunshine room, through the roof glass and playful branches, you can see the white clouds in the sky. The weather is cool, in the sunny days, the sun shines in autumn is abundant, the ancient treasure, open flowers, the corner is still holding the old guitar, and prints on the wall are reflected on a layer of warm light. The side with the side of the peer chat, while in the boiling pot boiled fish. Outside the North Branch Naozhuo Shuanglin quiet geothermal, secular stability of the appearance, the most beautiful time just so so. Room is warm wooden style, artificial tree look the full sense of security. The old old time? Even the cashier is out of the ordinary, a piece of old abacus mosaic wall, is full of Amoy flea market, full of beautiful years. This transparent glass sun room and restaurant theme is also very fit, one side is the beautiful environment, while the fresh fish, fresh and live has become a kind of life attitude. Fish cat cashing in good time in the literary novel with every detail, here is extremely good, not the delicious sustenance. Although this is not the only Chengdu span fish but it must be the Hot pot, and special. Delicious home fish fresh, usually made of delicate taste, but in Sichuan, all without the pepper Hot pot is bullying. A nourishing soup soup, soup is red red soup flavor. Fish cat features red pot of mellow, spicy but not dry, although look hemp hot enough, but without affecting the delicate taste of fish. Jiang Rongdie is one of the characteristics of cat fish, join the secret Jiang Rong dish, ginger fragrance, and do not see its spicy, fishy and easy to fish as a pair created by nature. Kimchi is familiar with the taste of home, crisp appetizer. Fresh mullet swimming tank rinse, the freshly slice. With chopsticks into the pot rinse show steady相关的主题文章: