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Health Stressed Executives are setting themselves up for an early death unless they recognise and eliminate stress now. With more and more workers being made redundant, the constant insecurity of who will be next, is forever hovering over those left behind; leaving them in a state of constant anxiety, having to work harder and faster in order to keep their positions and playing havoc with their lives. Working 60 hours or more has been proven to double the risk of heart attack yet there seems to be no let up for the many executives who feel overwhelmed, exhausted and close to burnout, due to the unrealistic demands placed upon them. If you are feeling swamped by the constant and unrelenting pressure and deadlines then these tips for managing stress may be of benefit. Learn To Say ‘NO’ One if the biggest problems for most stressed executives is that they may find it difficult to set boundaries. They find themselves saying ‘yes’ and taking on more tasks. This leaves them anxious and worried as to how they are going to manage to get everything done, when they should really be saying ‘no’. In order to manage your workload, when given more tasks to carry out, you can ask which task is needed as top priority out of the ones you already have on your list. Then, just put all of your focus on that task alone and put the rest aside. Watch Your Thoughts It is very easy to get into the habit of negative thinking especially when you are under pressure but this will only .pound the stress you are feeling. The only moment you have is now, so just stop and notice what you are thinking. If you are worrying about what ‘might’ happen or are talking yourself into anxiety, then distract your mind. Place your thoughts on what is going well in your life right now. Allow yourself to focus on something relaxing and pleasant and bring that feeling back with you now. Nothing is more important than your state of mind. Take Time Out Most stressed executives think they ‘have’ to keep going like a machine; that there is no other option otherwise they will lose their positions. How much use will you be to anyone, not just your employer, if you have a heart attack tomorrow because you have worked yourself to death? You are wearing out your .ans and your life. Take frequent breaks during the day to re-energise and calm down. These can just take a couple of minutes. Go to the toilet, close your eyes and imagine standing under a beautiful, soothing, warm waterfall that is washing away all the stress. Take some long deep breaths which will foster relaxation or pop outside and run on the spot for a few moments. Set a time to leave your work behind and go get a massage or enjoy a swim otherwise you are "on call" all of the time and can never relax. The above tips should begin to help stressed executives manage their mind, lower their anxiety levels and prolong their lives. About the Author: essentials of hair: what it’s, how it grows, what procedure 相关的主题文章: