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Interior-Decorating Whether you are starting with carpeted or hardwood floors in your home, area rugs are a great way to decorate. There are many styles and types of rugs. The best way to choose is to research the area rugs you are interested in. If you search the world wide web, you will find that the available styles of area rugs are seemingly endless. You’ll see classic Persian rugs and the ever-popular Southwestern style area rugs. There are also all natural area rugs and rugs made out of bamboo, or you can choose whimsical animal print area rugs. While most people have an idea of a certain style, when they hear the phrase ‘Southwestern area rugs’, many would be surprised to know that Southwestern rugs actually .e in a range of colors and patterns. Some hold to the older, more traditional Native American designs, while others use more contemporary design to pull together an eclectic decorating style in a room. Many stores that specialize in Southwestern rugs also carry all natural area rugs and animal print area rugs. If you put your mind to it, you can use different styles of rugs to create an eclectic design scheme. If you have questions, the decor specialists at the rug store are a great resource. Many Southwest area rugs have quieter designs to blend into rooms, instead of the more stylish and vivid designs most .monly associated with the Southwest. These rugs with quieter designs make fine insulators, to keep your feet warm during the winter, to protect bare floors from scratching, or to hold furniture in place. Area rugs also dampen echoes and absorb sounds in larger rooms of a house or apartment building. Personal style is really the most important part of which rug you choose. Any decorator will be able to help you see the way that the colors of the rug will interact with the style of your furniture, but you are the one that will be living with the choice of rug that you make. Be certain that you like the choice that you have made. About the Author: Area rugs are an excellent decorating idea, and you can use them to .plement all types of flooring. A wide variety of different styles and types are available, so be sure to research the full line of rugs. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: