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Travel-and-Leisure Turkey has many g.eous places worth visiting, but the best Istanbul hotels will put you within spitting distance of the majority of them. The city is a delight just waiting to be discovered, and there is plenty to amaze, educate and enlighten you during your stay. With that in mind we’ve created a list of some of the most breathtaking destinations and sights you can look forward to visiting while you are in this eclectic city. Make sure you see at least some of the following places for a full appreciation of this wonderful city. The Grand Bazaar Most people have heard of the Grand Bazaar, but it is one thing to hear about it and quite another to leave the relative quiet of the best Istanbul hotels to go and experience it for yourself – and for some, it can be quite a culture shock. It’s a covered market, to be sure, but here are the facts – the market sprawls over some 60 streets and takes in thousands of different shops. You can expect an absolute minimum of a quarter of a million visitors wandering around here on a daily basis. The colours and materials on show – and on offer – here are quite stunning. Be sure to take the time to stop off at a cafe for some refreshments before returning to the peace (and maybe a lie down) of the best Istanbul hotels. The Basilica Cistern This cistern is how the original inhabitants of the city got their daily drinking water. It may not sound like an attraction worth visiting, but you’ll be surprised at how ornate and stunning it really is. It has been backlit to create the most outstanding effect and you’ll spot the odd unusual sight in there too. Perhaps the most unusual of these is Medusa, the snake haired monster from Greek mythology. She can be found – just her head, anyway – upside down, providing support for a pillar. The Archaeology Museums If you visit Topkapi Palace while you are in the city, you’ll find your way into the Istanbul Archaeology Museums from the grounds. This site houses a magnificent collection of artefacts that give you a stunning view into a slice of history. Watch out for Alexander’s heavily decorated sarcophagus, and make time to explore the two other associated parts of the museum too. These delve into Islamic art and the Ancient Orient. You’ll see many pieces of history that are a long way from the decorative nature of the best Istanbul hotels today. The city clearly has a lot to offer and there are some amazing sights to be seen while you are there. No matter what you enjoy doing on holiday and which other sights you want to see, these ones are absolutely unmissable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: