Shi Jun officials have limited impact on Canadian style

Shi Jun: officials limited $clueless clients view the latest market on Wednesday, the dollar index continued to narrow consolidation, finite amplitude. Currencies to maintain the overall shock, only Canadian crude oil driven significantly stronger Canada next break 1.3100 mark. The U.S. stock market, the three major stock index continued strong, with the Dow Jones industrial average rose 0.61%, closing at 18339.24 points, the S & P 500 index rose 0.53%, closing at 2171.37 points, the NASDAQ [micro-blog] index rose 0.24%, closing at 5318.55 points. Gold continued to decline, closing down 0.5% at $1323.70 an ounce. Yesterday, a number of central banks around the world [micro-blog] officials have spoken, the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen, the European central bank governor Delaki are super heavyweight figure. Delaki still holds a positive attitude to the European Central Bank easing, but also that the low interest rates than the current European banks face trouble, visible Delaki will not change the current easing to current European banking and. Yellen said the Fed’s exit loose monetary policy has no fixed timetable, Yellen also admitted that the current employment rate, the economy may be overheating, the Fed may have to raise interest rates faster. This shows that Yellen has considered the U.S. economy may be the risk of overheating, then the next interest rate should be a natural thing, in December, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates again when! Data, the United States in August durable goods orders last month and flat, better than expected. In addition, in August the core durable goods orders data continued to rise, maintaining a good momentum of growth. August U.S. ISM manufacturing index in the doldrums, no doubt on the growth of durable goods orders affected, but a substantial increase in defense orders, and thus durable goods data to maintain growth. Germany’s unemployment rate in September days, eurozone consumer confidence index in September, the United States in the second quarter GDP final value, the U.S. jobless claims last week. Operation: Although gold gold yesterday failed to below the 1317 line, but the daily decline does not change, the key support level of 1310 continue to face challenges. Four hours from the graphical point of view, the golden days of the 1324 bearing plate will be the first callback, down 1317 test support. Short term proposal to wait for the 1317 test stand firm, stop loss of 1314, the target of the short, you need to wait for a short time in the vicinity of 1324, there is a more appropriate opportunity to wait for the opportunity to be more than 1324. The Australian dollar Australian dollar upward, early after the test has reached to 0.7710, the daily range of large entity resistance, so once again return to decline. Four hours from the graphical point of view, the current big line shows the dollar declines 0.7650 strong efforts in Europe, facing the test, if the next break 0.7650 support position, means that the Australian dollar will continue rangebound trend, and the range of high turned downward pattern. Short term proposal in 0.7650 after the break up short, stop 0.7680, target of 0.7610, 0.7580. Dollar plus.相关的主题文章: