Sheng Wenbing is the key to the continued good data consumption strong boost inflation expectations ca1805

Sheng Wenbing: data is the key to the continued good consumption strong dollar index increase inflation expectations the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen: the Fed’s purchase of assets other than the central bank [micro-blog] more stringent. The Fed does not need to expand the ability to purchase assets. The Fed has both benefits and costs to buy stocks and corporate bonds. U.S. 10 year benchmark Treasury prices rose by $332, its yield fell by 1.1 basis points to $1.556%. 30 U.S. debt prices rose by 1032, its yield fell by 1.4 basis points to $2.275%. U.S. debt prices were flat for two years, its yield was 0.746%. Five U.S. debt prices rose by 232, its yield fell by 1.5 basis points to $1.115%. If the US economy is hit by the recession, the Fed is not without ammunition. In addition to negative interest rates, the Fed has other tools available. Given the low inflation, the Fed is currently on the interest rate hike and there is no urgency. The risk of waiting too long is less than too fast. If inflation rises too fast, the Fed has the ability to respond. There is no warning of an approaching recession. Predicting recessions is a very difficult time; the Fed has to be vigilant. The Fed is unlikely to use negative interest rates. Now it’s up to politicians to act, not the fed. Large banks are still too big to fail. In view of inflation below the target, the Fed can continue to wait patiently. The economy is in good shape and continues to improve. The United States faces a weak global environment, and there are several deflation factors. If the current trend continues, the gradual increase in interest rates will be appropriate. U.S. August home sales contract index -2.4%, the biggest decline since January, expected 0%, the former value of 1.3% was revised to 1.2%. The United States in August signed a contract for the sale of 4% year on year, expected to be 2.6%, the former value of -2.2% was revised to -2.4%. U.S. real GDP in the two quarter quarter on quarter final value of 1.4%, expected 1.3%, the initial value of 1.1%. The United States in the two quarter personal consumption expenditures (PCE) an annualized quarter final value of 4.3%, expected 4.4%, the initial value of 4.4%. The United States in the two quarter core personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index in the final value of 1.8% QoQ, 1.8% expected, the initial value of 1.8%. The United States in the two quarter GDP deflator index 2.3%, expected 2.3%, the initial value of 2.3%. United States in September 24th when the first week to apply for unemployment benefits 254 thousand, expected to be 260 thousand, the former value of 252 thousand was revised to 251 thousand. United States in September 17th when the week continued jobless claims 2 million 62 thousand, expected to be 2 million 129 thousand, the former value of 2 million 113 thousand was revised to 2 million 108 thousand. The euro is now too early to consider buying stocks. Weak demand for credit in the euro area is the main problem facing the banking industry. Every troubled bank is a risk to the euro zone. The euro as a currency has never been in danger. The problem is that the Member States, to the euro as the currency would fail warning blind. The fastest way for European banks to increase capital is to sell assets. Europe and.相关的主题文章: