Shanghai’s most short-lived Michelin restaurant involving 1 days to close unlicensed Awards

Shanghai’s most short-lived Michelin restaurant: involving unlicensed close prize [1 days] Xinmin Xinmin Evening News · just the day before yesterday was on the "Michelin Star Restaurant", yesterday closed complaints. Some netizens said last night, in the city of Tai’an Road No. 113 "Tai’an" restaurant, that night was a "door", became the "short-lived" in the history of the Michelin restaurant. This morning, the reporter from a variety of channels to verify, Tai’an door or suspected unlicensed operation. Late last night, more than 11, a netizen posted on the internet. Friends said that night to the Tai’an gate dining, but was told that the equipment failure, can not provide services. At 7 o’clock in the evening, a number of residents around the restaurant door, the scene and police officers and suspected law enforcement officers. Until the diners have left, the restaurant has not resumed operations. The article also said that the restaurant’s foreign boss explained to diners, the landlord can guarantee the establishment of a restaurant, and apply for the corresponding license, but now can not handle, has decided to move away from the restaurant." In a comment on the site, a few days ago there are diners commented: restaurant opened in the residential area downstairs, the middle of the night by the residents complained". It was also revealed that the focus of contradiction lies in not all certificates. The reporter found in the "Tai’an" on the official website, no public address and telephone number of the "private dinner club", only through the web site of the book, every Tuesday to Saturday evening before the business, can only accommodate more than 20 guests, very mysterious". It is reported that the city opened a restaurant, you need to obtain business license and food business license. Generally speaking, the restaurant opened in the residential building because of smoke nuisance, non home problems, not through the environmental assessment, it is difficult to apply to the license. The reporter through the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the food and Drug Administration website, check the restaurant license information, were unsuccessful. In the enterprise basic information query, regardless of the importation of Chinese or English name, there is no registration information. In the Shanghai food service food safety rating system, regardless of the shop or the address of the inquiry, but also can not find its food safety rating. This morning, the reporter learned that this restaurant was indeed many residents complain the incomplete licenses, regulatory authorities have ordered to immediately stop operating. Changning District Market Authority said that before the beginning of the period has been involved in processing, the relevant circumstances will be announced in a timely manner. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Jin Minyi) more exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: