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Shanghai has a   on "enterprise gene" — "small Alibaba"; whether the hatch? Original title: Shanghai –IT– of "enterprise gene" and "green eyes can hatch small Alibaba? China News Agency, Shanghai, October, 9 (Zheng Yingying) – why can not Shanghai Ma?" This question has been the industry of Shanghai heart pain". 9, the Alibaba of the Titans global hit off contest Shanghai division Finals held in Beijing, Shanghai can hatch "Alibaba" attention again. In the industry view, Shanghai and the innovative soil has shrunk. Vice president of the Shanghai Venture Capital Association Zhuo Fumin told News Agency reporters, Shanghai in the past "mother-in-law economy" five hundred strong preference "son-in-law", but in recent years, changes in social atmosphere in Shanghai, entrepreneurship and innovation "son-in-law" is expected to become a mother in the eyes of the "blue chip", can marry his daughter. Companies are also feeling this change. Founded in less than 3 years in Shanghai, its founder, said Zhu Wenting, entrepreneurial companies have certain advantages, including easy access to the first batch of users, high-end production research and development base, etc.. Success can not be copied, not every business can become a Alibaba, but we can learn German business segments in a well, "Zhu Wenting said," Small and micro businesses to identify opportunities for innovation, can "snail shell to do temple"". Shanghai overseas talent agglomeration, industrial base, these have become the innovative advantage, but can not be avoided, Shanghai’s high prices, supply of educational resources and so on, for entrepreneurs is not a small challenge. Jiang Chen? Venture in 2014, aimed at the professional rider, riding promotion Walker said, software business in Shanghai’s financing environment than the two or three line of the city is good, but the business cost is also high, "hiring expensive, high rent". Shanghai’s entrepreneurial gene exactly how? Liu Song, vice president of Alibaba, said in an interview with China News Agency reporter, Shanghai’s industrial DNA after the wake of the Internet of things, will usher in a huge space for development. 9, the Alibaba innovation center in Shanghai Zhangjiang base officially opened. Liu Song said that although the current 28 cities in the country have a similar accelerator of the 20 cities, but this is the biggest hope for Shanghai, which includes the geographical location of Shanghai, talent, industry advantages, etc.. The same day, Shanghai SME Service Center also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ALI cloud computing co.. Statistics show that there are 420 thousand small and medium enterprises in Shanghai. Shanghai City, deputy director of the Commission by letter Fu Xinhua said, the Commission will lead the establishment of "Shanghai City, focusing on cultivating entrepreneurial base, short board filled in the power of small and medium enterprises. (end) (commissioning editor: Zhu Chuange, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: