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"Sanya mountain" Second World Taiji Culture Tourism Festival will be held November 9, 2016 morning "- Sohu, Sanya Nanshan" Second World Taiji Culture Festival press conference held at the Hotel New Otani Chang Fu Gong, Tai Chi Master, Taijiquan machine from across the various schools. Representatives of the main news media reporters were present at the press conference. "Sanya mountain" Second World Taiji Culture Festival is jointly organized by the Sanya Municipal People’s government, world Taijiquan network, hosted by the Sanya Municipal Tourism Committee, Sanya Sports Bureau, Hainan Nanshan Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Beijing qiangrong culture media, Sanya foreign and overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the world Taiji Culture Research Institute, Peking University Wushu Culture Research Center, "Wudang" magazine, "Wuhun" magazine and other agencies Co, Hainan provincial sports hall, the Hainan Provincial Tourism Commission as a guide unit support, to promote Chinese culture and promote Taiji human health "for the purpose of inheritance and development of" the wisdom of life, health, tourism, Taiji Culture as the theme, will be held in Sanya city in September 2017. According to the organizing committee responsible person, this event is to implement the Party Central Committee on carrying forward the fine traditional culture, the cultural power construction strategy, actively respond to creating a "healthy Chinese" appeal, "the implementation of the State Council on accelerating the development of fitness and leisure industry guidance" an important measure. Activities will highlight the cultural characteristics, rich and colorful content, set culture, communication, sports, business as one, the main content of more than and 10. Since December 2016 began to spread throughout the country, to be held during the cultural festival in September 2017 will reach the climax. The main contents include: the Culture Festival "world Taiji Culture Forum", "world Taiji network video contest", "Tai Chi" descendants "looking for big TV show", "the opening ceremony and parade of Tai Chi", "world Taijiquan exchange competition", "World Tai Chi instructor about Tang", "World Tai Chi Masters the elite will Yanwu" and "world Taiji Roundtable", "the first world Taijiquan Health Industry Expo", "World Tai Chi Masters tour large-scale public welfare activities", "world Taiji institutions of Excellence Award", "Tai Chi" World Photography Contest "," world famous scene. Famous Tai Chi boxing Exhibition "," the world Taiji Culture Knowledge Contest and other activities. The cultural festival will be closely linked to the ancient civilization and modern life, and fully serve the contemporary society. Most of the innovative activities of Taiji Culture activity form, and combined with the depth of Internet technology and communication mode, make it become the "Internet plus" Taiji Culture boutique activities. Among them, some of the key activities carried out mainly through the Internet platform, which will have an important impact on the international development of Tai Chi culture. According to organizers, in April this year, Sanya Nanshan scenic area has successfully held the first world Taiji Culture Festival, the world’s largest world Taijiquan Taijiquan website network, to Hainan tourism, the first brigade leading group under the Hainan Nanshan Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and other organizations jointly build, content rich and colorful activities, various schools from Italy, Chinese the United States, Germany, France, Russia and other 32 countries and regions, nearly two hundred.相关的主题文章: