Safety and comfort of both the first female driving shoes launched the second generation of products

Safety and comfort of both the first female driving shoes launched the second generation products in August 28th, D-rife released the second generation of she driving with shoes women driving special shoes, driving with Yin song and share founder design concept of she shoes as well as the design, making the story behind. According to statistics, at present, there are about 70 million 920 thousand female drivers in China, accounting for about 3 of the passenger car ownership. And this number is increasing every year, even more than the increase in male drivers. In the field of sports, different shoes can form different aspects of the protection of the body, but in the car, this demand is often overlooked. "In fact, driving safety is very important. But in addition to security, we also want to drive through the female special items, change the public view of the driver, so that women can enjoy the fun of driving." Yin song on Tencent automobile said. The first generation she shoes in May this year on the line, and the second generation of the first generation of products to collect user feedback data, after the 128 women try and comfort test, under 8 models of pressure test after the final push to the market. Second generation she shoes new design through the level of the driving force of the test of the one hundred thousand, and began to declare the patent related to the formal application of the. Since I began to understand the complexity of the traditional industry, but I always adhere to the original intention of the original one hundred percent." Yin song. It is understood that the sole she shoes micro sense of design inspiration from the shape and pattern of the brake pedal, the drive structure according to the motion law of foot motion and force characteristics of the design, the key part of the force that susceptibility, anti-skid, wear-resistant; the driving support and can be in the car, in the process of the formation of micro foot support, reduce the fatigue of the leg muscles, improve the response of switching between throttle and brake stampede smoothness. As a vertical electric focus of female consumers and the automobile industry, D-rife has been installed and driving brand ST& SAT Saturday to establish strategic cooperation, she shoes will also use the offline sales channels. Travel tips: do not wear high-heeled shoes or slippers driving相关的主题文章: