Russian media Russia rapid signed 20 agreements worth $1 billion 300 million cad2012序列号和密钥

Russian media: Russia "rapid" signed 20 agreements worth $1 billion 300 million for the latest news about the Russo Japanese Russian satellite network criterion, the Russian Far East Development Minister Alexander galuska? Believes that the main premise for the successful development of relations between Russia and Japan is to separate territorial and economic cooperation. He said: "on the Eastern Economic Forum, the signing of the peace treaty and the separation of territorial issues and economic cooperation. I believe that this will not only be fruitful, it will be the only possible way." Alexander · said on the 7 day; galuschka at a press conference in Tokyo, Russia and Japan signed 20 agreements in the East Economic Forum upside, the total value of 82 billion 800 million rubles ($1 billion 300 million). "Russia and Japan signed an agreement on 20 projects at a total value of $82 billion 860 million, equivalent to $1 billion 300 million," he said." He spoke highly of the willingness of the Japanese side to develop and enrich the specific work of the Russian Federation in the far east. Galuschka explain their reasons in the East Economic Forum closing immediately after Japan said: "we are ready to respond quickly, establish effective dialogue. We highly rated the development of this dialogue. Dialogue on the Eastern Economic Forum has developed very rapidly. Second days after the end of the talks, on Sunday, we sat down to write everything down, that we are ready to put our case to the Japanese side, so I decided not to waste a day." Russia and Japan have long been overshadowed by the absence of a peace treaty. Japan bilateral border treaty in 1855 Russia signed on as the basis, demanded the return of Etorofu Island, after the island country, Shikotan and Habomai islands, and the return of the four islands as a peace treaty with Russia, since the end of World War II has failed to sign the treaty. Moscow’s position is that the South Kuril Islands, according to the results of the Second World War into the territory of the Soviet Union, Russia has its sovereignty beyond all dispute.   stocks lost how to do? Look here, whether you fry A shares, stocks, gold or foreign exchange, where you can get the most accurate investment information. WeChat public concern number [Wall Street intelligence] (micro signal: iMarkets) how to do the transaction tired? See here, bringing together the world’s leading media headlines, broaden investor trading horizons. The headline is the headline. WeChat public concern [today’s headlines] (micro signal: ifeng_igold)相关的主题文章: