Robin Li talk about the next generation of artificial intelligence in the past and the future of the ca1835

Robin Li on the Internet the next scene: past and present and future of science and technology science and technology Sohu – Sohu article / Yang Shufang April of artificial intelligence, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li in the summer China Yabuli entrepreneurs forum summit, published "the Internet scene" the theme of the speech, to share their thoughts on the transformation of artificial intelligence industry. Robin Li stressed that in the national policy on "Internet plus" drive the overall economic growth of the Internet today, its growth also needs new power? He believes that enough to change the Internet industry, and even can be called the next scene of the Internet is a new era of artificial intelligence. Robin Li suggested that China is a big manufacturing country, but also need to pay great attention to the development of artificial intelligence technology, timely use of the latest technology to upgrade products and manufacturing capabilities. Artificial intelligence will affect many industries. One of the most important industries, manufacturing. He said that about five or six years ago, there is a word in China is particularly popular, known as the Internet of things". But five or six years ago, the concept did not fire up, until today, the Internet of things is not a big market. After the rise of the mobile Internet, many people are particularly fond of wearable devices, but today we see, wearable devices have not become a big market. However, when the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, the Internet of things will become a big market, will completely change our manufacturing. In my opinion, all of the manufacturing industry in the future belongs to the artificial intelligence industry, or the Internet of things industry. All the goods have to be able to network, are to be able to return the data to the cloud, through to the artificial intelligence technology to analyze these technologies, make it to our customers and bring our customers real value." The following is a speech Robin Li memoir: speak a little we can understand, then talk about the next scene of the internet. Because of the word "next act," we have to look at what it is and what it is. In fact, very simple, the last scene is PC internet. It should be said that the Internet from the early stages of commercialization, until about four or five years ago, has been a PC based network, or system. During this time, the vast majority of today’s Internet Co is known for having heard it many times, in the United States, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. These Internet Co are born in the PC era of the Internet; in Chinese, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, etc. these large Internet Co are born in the PC era of the internet. The last four or five years, it can be said that the Internet is the second act, that is, the era of mobile internet. We all feel the mobile Internet and the PC Internet is very different. In this era is born out of a number of new companies, like the American Uber, Airbnb; in Chinese, like today, Wang Mei Group also came over, and drops, today’s headlines and so on, there are also some new business mode. However, the wireless Internet in this scene is actually much shorter than many people think, only!相关的主题文章: