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Web-Hosting What is wrong with naming your website Tom or Jerry or Matthew or Shane? After all, these are names that people have all around. They sound good too, if not exquisite. But, here is the irony. If you run a technology services website and you name it Josh, do you really think anyone is going to care a rats fart about visiting it? In a very humble opinion, NO! You will be insane if you name your website like that or in fact, giving it a cheesy name that people find absurd, hilarious, ridiculous and .pletely out of place to relate to. Hitting the nail right on the head is obligatory, a reason why the notion of getting the right name for your site is encouraged. The domain name you choose should at all levels reflect your site in that one word. Once you are convinced about the choice, once you have it verified from third parties, once everyones approval flows in, only then should Domain Name Registration be proceeded towards. You try to sell a service through your website. That service can be anything. People looking for that service will type in specific keywords into the search bar so that the relevant ones .e out. These search results, popping up are a result of the keywords being fed into the search engine which in turn uses them as fodder to produce desirable results. So to have a domain name that would also be the keyword entered by the end user would be a great strategic move for your website stands a great chance of .ing out first and getting clicked on. Then there is the ground of .mon sense. The end user looks forward to the website being named that way. If the .pany offers IT Services, then the domain name should reflect that sentiment. If the portal is a travel website, then the domain name should be such that one understands at once. Domain name registration is the last step towards establishing the identity, so the name has to be idyllic before that level is proceeded towards. There is a saying amongst website promoters; a saying which is a derivative of their experience, the domain name often has an effect on the sales the site registers. The name, if robust, creates a huge impression on the end user who does not shy from making a purchase through the portal. It provides for a very professional outlook for the website and projects it very .petitively. The end user thinks of the site as a .mercial entity which means business and has .e over on the web for plain business purposes. A lot of case studies have revealed the fidgetiness that website promoters have shown while choosing the domain name for their website. The name is pondered from a long list of available names and the most fitting, most suitable and most obvious one is the ultimate choice. As they say, the prospects change! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: