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Home-Improvement Insultec, heat reflective paint when applied to roofing areas lowers the inside temperature of buildings, which means less use of electricity to run cooling systems which in turn will contribute to the reduction in global warming. A win, win situation for everyone. Developed in Australia this unique .posite, forms a membrane which is capable of re-radiating 90% of infrared and 85% of ultra violet rays back into the atmosphere. Temperature readings on the underside areas of roofing not treated with the heat reflective paint were recorded at 55.8oC whereas areas under the same roof at the same time recorded temperature readings of 38oC. Other tests have recorded a rise in temperature of only 1oC on the surface treated with the heat reflective roof paint and in the same conditions a rise in temperature of 19oC on the untreated surface. The amount of heat re-radiated back into the atmosphere, means there is less heat left on the roof surface to be conducted through the roofing material into the air, or even insulation material on the interior of the roof. Reducing the heat available to be transferred means that the air touching the roof or insulation material will not warm up to the higher temperatures that untreated roofs create. Reflective roof paints can be applied to large or small areas of roofing made of almost any material "" metal, asbestos, asphalt, fibreglass, timber, concrete, shingle. A particularly successful application of this membrane is the treatment of large industrial and .mercial structures resulting in premises experiencing much lower internal temperatures. Significant reduction of inside temperatures, produces less, or in many cases, no need for additional ventilation from fans and extractors, or even portable air-cooling systems. Insultec Heat Reflective Paint is a water based co-polymer paint .pounded of inert pigments and special fillers. Because it is applied in liquid form the heat reflective paint is also able to bridge hairline cracks and gaps up to 1.6mm, increasing the water proof capability of the existing roof. Creating a membrane over the area of application the heat reflective coatings from Insultec are available in a range of colours, both light and dark. As per the laws of physics, it is highly re.mended that a lighter shade be used, rather than a dark one, to enhance the reflective ability of the membrane. Using Insultec , Heat Reflective Paint will make a huge difference to the inside temperature of any building, a huge difference to electricity usage, and in turn contribute to the worldwide drive to reduce Global warming. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: