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Real-Estate The real estate industry in India is on a growth path and the development in the sectors covers both residential and .mercial properties. According to the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2012) India will have an estimated shortage of 26.53 million houses and both Central and state governments of every state .e up with different housing and .mercial development programs. Apart from the major metros there are many states that are emerging as real estate investment options such as Agra, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana. In all these states it is smaller cities and towns are making progress at rapid pace Jalandhaer being one of the prime example. The reason why invest in India and in Jalandhar property Is that it is gaining importance is because during 2010-11 the Indian real estate and housing sectors received US $ 1.12 billion in Foreign Direct Investment. The private equity investments is also witnessing growth like never before and some of the major deals that were undertaken during the first five months of the current year amounts US $ 320 million investment by just one .pany. The Government of Punjab has approved master plans for the development of eight towns Jalandhar, Lodhi, Sultanpur, Hoshiarpur etc. Though the city of Jalandhar is an ancient city in Punjab its proximity to Amritsar (80 Km) has made the city a highly industrialized center. Jalandhar is Indias top-most producer of world-class sports equipments and also has the largest concentration of Non Resident Indians who find investing in the fast developing real estate industry a viable option. Some of the major developers and builders of the country like Aashray Property Developers, Manpreet Property Dealers, PPR Group are all located in Jalandhar and have some of the citys largest development programs. The Punjab Government has set up a fund of Rs. 150 crore per annum for industrial upgrade and infrastructure development of which a hand tool cluster for Jalandhar at the cost of Rs. 90 crore is one major project which will only contribute to the increase in real estate value. With so much development in the industrial sector the infrastructure is bound to increase and that in turn will bring in developers and builders of residential and .mercial properties. AIIG (Assured India Investment Groups) is helping investors to invest in properties which can help them yield high returns. If you are looking to know why invest in India , then AIIG can assure you a safe, secure and rewarding investment option. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: