Real estate developers crazy to take back debt approaching 800 billion (video) 3344111

Real estate developers crazy to take back: debt approaching 800 billion net and over real estate heavyweights turned entertainment trainee reporter Guangzhou reported to wheat leaf flush data show that as of August 29th 2016, the real estate industry bonds 889, approaching 800 billion yuan bonds have sharply over the past year the total annual 675 billion 173 million yuan of total debt. In August 29th, China Merchants Shekou and OCT consortium to total 31 billion yuan looks Shenzhen new exhibition center (a) supporting the commercial land, a total construction area of 1 million 543 thousand and 300 square meters. The total price has exceeded 25 billion 500 million of the total price of the Guangzhou Asian Sports Village block record. Just a few years ago in August 17th, is located in Shanghai, Jingan (formerly Zhabei) ZTE community of a residential block, after more than and 400 rounds of bidding, the letter is believed to be China to take the next 11 billion 10 million. Can reach 143 thousand square meters of the sales price of the board, the industry estimated breakeven price of 150 thousand, a record in the history of China’s land transactions in the most expensive unit price. The property market in 2016 the explosive start, the reason for the continued easing of monetary liquidity under the influence of the low cost of financing to support the real estate industry. Half of the total amount of debt has exceeded 800 billion consecutive year around the land record breaking, has become since 2016, the real estate market a big phenomenon. Centaline Property Research Center statistics show that since August, the main city National reproduction sites, single plots turnover of more than 1 billion of the 28 cases, more than 500 million of the 65 cases, 65 cases in this price, a total of 22 cases of premium rate of more than 100%, and if the calculated premium rate of more than 50% as many as 28 cases. However, the twenty-first Century economic report through multiple channels thoroughly these high prices "get" the real estate enterprises, found behind some lavish real estate enterprises are in debt. Flush data show that as of August 29th 2016, the real estate industry bonds 889, approaching 800 billion yuan bonds total has significantly exceeded last year’s total annual 675 billion 173 million yuan bonds. If there is a real estate XinDa (since 2015, real estate XinDa produced 7 sites), the first half of the company involved in debt financing of 6 billion yuan, of which the private debt financing of 30 yuan, the coupon rate of 5.56%. In August 22nd, the real estate XinDa said again, in order to broaden the financing channels, optimize financing structure, the company intends to qualified investors in non-public issuance of corporate bonds. The total size of the issue of corporate bonds is not more than 11 billion yuan (including $11 billion), the bond period of not more than 3 years (including 3 years). The surge in debt financing, XinDa estate asset liability ratio has reached 85.6%, an increase of 2.36 percentage points. Rosan Chinese bond issues are exactly the same, in December 14th last year, the first batch of publicly issued 1 billion 200 million yuan of corporate bonds, in January 19th this year, issued a total of 1 billion 300 million yuan in the second batch of public bonds. According to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter incomplete statistics, since the end of last year, the financial letter of China’s debt financing scale has more than ten billion. At the same time, China’s semi annual report shows that although the asset liability ratio dropped sharply over the same period last year, but still.相关的主题文章: