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Pregnant women how to face down’s screening of high risk maternal – Sohu (less than 35 years of age) in pregnant women at 15 weeks, 20 weeks in the range of +6, the doctor will recommend the blood do down’s screening, most women will get a prompt "low risk" report, and a few pregnant women will be informed Tang Shishai of "high risk" or "moderate risk". In the face of the above results, pregnant women showed different reactions: some tension, fear, panic, and even anger, emotional and even the doctor’s interpretation of the report did not listen to cry. Some over weight, date of birth, especially the gestational weeks, anxious to get the report to "low risk", finally is the opponent of the "high risk" or "moderate risk" the interpretation of the report after hearing a contemptuous disregard, the doctor turned away, while walking on the side of the low voice said: "OK, let it be they had several children." Obviously, these are not desirable, in order to baby’s health, in order to the well-being of the family, our prospective mother should be properly looked at his father’s screening of "high risk" and "moderate risk" results. The aim of Down’s screening is to assess whether the fetus has chromosome disease (21- trisomy syndrome and trisomy 18- syndrome) and open neural tube defects. As a kind of risk assessment and screening test, about 5% of pregnant women will show a "high risk" in this test results, the need for further examination to do amniocentesis diagnosis or exclusion of fetus with chromosomal diseases. About 5% of pregnant women may get a moderate risk report, this part of the pregnant women recommend non-invasive DNA detection. Of all the pregnant women who underwent amniocentesis, only about 2% of the pregnant women were eventually diagnosed with chromosomal abnormalities. Therefore, it is a rash decision to give up the fetus only with Down’s screening of "high risk" and "moderate risk" reports. Don’t care for "high risk", "thinking of such a small probability must stand not to his head," or "none of the family has a genetic disease, but not impossible to have close relatives, chromosome problems", it does not do further examination, it may lead to tragedy. Must know, 18- syndrome and trisomy two chromosomal disease due to mutations in the 21- chromosome 90% trisomy, most families with nothing, even the crowd Down’s screening of "low risk", there will be a few babies born after being diagnosed with chromosomal diseases. We often meet in the center of this example: Down’s screening of high risk pregnant women "afraid to do amniocentesis, to further examination, the last born babies suffering from trisomy 21- syndrome; pregnancy first young mother think primiparous, do not need to do check, feel quite safe, the result was a tragedy…… All this should cause the thinking of mothers. The mother got down’s screening "high risk" or "moderate risk" report, don’t panic and don’t despise, should listen to the doctor to check their information interpretation report, gestational weeks, within the prescribed period of time to do amniocentesis or noninvasive DNA examination. I hope every expectant mother can attach importance to each prenatal examination, not blindly do not believe, paul!相关的主题文章: