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Sports-and-Recreation Buying a pink electric scooter for our 8 year old daughter for Christmas was actually my wife’s idea. We had been "banging our heads against the wall" trying to figure out a gift she would actually use. She knew that Amy(our daughter)admired several pink electric scooters in our neighborhood. So we decided to buy her one. Now, we can’t get her off it for several reasons! * She LOVES The Attention! It seems that everywhere she rides her scooter, she gets TONS of attention! She has always been a bit of a "ham", so she really "eats it up". The attention varies all the way from simply turning heads, to literally being flagged down from other kids that want a ride. Parents call us on a fairly regular basis, asking us where we bought it, how much did it cost, why did we choose a pink electric scooter, etc. etc. ALL kinds of questions! Amy even wanted to ride it to school. Of course, she couldn’t, even though her school is only a mile or so away. She would have no place to put it. * It Gives Her A Sense Of Freedom And Independence Amy has always been an independent child, not "clingy" at all. So really the electric scooter actually added to her desire to be independent. She loves nothing more than taking off on her scooter, exploring the neighborhood, meeting new people, etc. Sometimes we load the scooter in the back of our SUV, and allow her to ride it in different locations. Needless to say, we adhere to local policies of where she is allowed to ride. *Now, She Makes New Friends! I can’t tell you how many times she has been riding in a local park, or any new location, and she will end up riding her scooter with a new acquaintance who also rides in the park. Naturally, they both wear pink helmets! Yes indeed, the holidays were a happy place around our house, thanks to a certain pink electric scooter! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: