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Perth one day tour of Pinnacles (Pinnacles + sand + lobster factory) – Sohu today we participate in the tourist itinerary is the Perth Pinnacles tour, the whole trip interesting and fun, first to Caversham Wildlife Park to see all kinds of ugly ugly adorable adorable animal, and then visit the lobster factory in a lobster factory and finally to gobble down. Pinnacles and long Serlin dunes. Both adorable all over the animal help, and let people drool with envy lobster delicacy, and the spectacular Pinnacles and let our heart slide on sand. If you don’t say much, come and look at the trip today. Perth Pinnacles Tour – the first stop: Caversham Wildlife Park in the park can enjoy with the unique Australian wildlife close contact, we may see the koala can poke along the belly, touch the lamb fawn, can also see the adorable state eat kangaroo can scarcely wait, really very cute. Did you eat? I heard that you like me very much. Do not say I’m ugly Meng, I just Meng, there is no ugly Perth Pinnacles Day Tour – second stations: lobster factory as a food for the meaning of life of small series, in particular, preference for lobster. After Meng Da little animal, the next project is eating the delicacy, no travel is not travel, this world only delicacy and love can not live up to, let Xiaobian gobble down. Eat lunch, began to visit the lobster factory, Hong Kong, Xiao Bian is no desire for the survival of the lobster, but the lobster factory handsome pot staff, small series or a little interest. Perth Pinnacles Tour – third station: Pinnacles Pinnacles (PINNACLES) is located in Lampang National Park (Nambung National Park), adjacent to the coastal city of Cervantes (Cervantes), park pillars of odd shape around the formation of a unique spectacle in the desert, in a flat in the dunes, stands around the pyramid limestone stalagmite, with the highest 1.5 feet, small fingers only as big as the ancient battlefield – known as the "Pinnacles". But this is not an ordinary stalagmite, but I do not know how many years before, the growth in the plants roots in the earth. Later, the earth dried up, the plant dried up, these buried roots in the ground into a fossil. Later, the surface layer by layer of weathering, and these roots will be exposed Lai, became a seaside scene. Lampang into a national park, watching the dust will feel out of the ordinary. Get off to see the stone array will have a feeling of coming to the planet. Many people say it’s like the surface of the moon. The moon is no chance to go in this life, it is to feel the feeling of the lonely lonely. Suitable for all kinds of concave type, small series has been opened pat mode. Perth Pinnacles Tour – fourth station: Lang Lang Serlin dune sand sliding Serlin dune is the largest sand dunes dunes in Western Australia, about 2 kilometers long, is India ocean at the white quartz sand, here to experience the excitement of the four-wheel drive and sand skiing, a moment back to children 6相关的主题文章: