Pay Attention To The Heart Factor In Seeking Your Dream Job-kaya scodelario

UnCategorized As someone who has worked in the career field for nearly twenty years, I’ve seen a lot of broken hearts. And I’ve seen some mended. It sounds like something from a country music video, doesn’t it? But the reality is many people have hearts that are breaking by degrees because they are stuck in jobs that don’t feed their souls. They don’t have a sense of anticipation or freedom or excitement. They put on the work attire and grimly go to work. It feels hard. It feels lifeless. In the meantime, their lives are trickling away without purpose, meaning or fun. This is what happens when people work at jobs that they can do but they don’t want to do. They’ve outgrown their position; they’ve never liked their position; they desperately want to do something else. And they even have an idea of what it is. In spite of the pain they’re feeling, people will often tell themselves stories about why they can’t – or shouldn’t – make a move. See if any of these stories sound familiar to you. "The economy is too bad right now. I’d better wait until things get better." "I’ve got ten more years until retirement. I’ll wait until then to do what I really want to do." "I don’t know if I’ll be able to support myself or my family if I try to go for my dream job." "I’m sure they’re not hiring right now. It’s better to wait." "What if I don’t make it in my chosen field? What then?’ "I need health benefits so I’d better stay where I am." Do you notice how often the words, ‘wait’ and ‘stay’ appear? Frequently, when we are considering a shift that requires some risk, we put ourselves into ‘safe’ mode by drawing around us like a protective cloak all the reasons we can’t or shouldn’t do something. What we don’t give equal consideration to are all the reasons we should move in the direction of our career dreams. In other words, we don’t give enough attention to our breaking hearts. I think we are often afraid to trust our hearts. We’re afraid that somehow we’ll be deceived or that if we go for our dream career, we’ll end up not getting it and be even more heartbroken than before. I remember I felt like that once upon a time. I was sitting in a high school English lit class studying Tennyson. The teacher said to watch for a very famous line in the poem we were reading. There it was: ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.’ I remember being angry with disagreement. I felt that I would not ever want the grief of loving someone, then losing them. I’ve since learned that I was wrong. It’s always better to open one’s heart to loving connections, no matter what happens later. If this is true in loving relationships, it’s even more true in our relationship with ourselves. If we don’t give our heart what it wants; if we deny it the hope of getting its deepest dreams, it begins to break. As Blaise Pascal once said, "The heart has its reasons that reason knows not of." If we are unhappy in our current job, if we are longing for a dream job that helps us feel connected to our life purpose, it is the heart speaking to us and we ignore its messages to our detriment. By all means, use your mind to assess your unique situation. But also make sure you give ample room for your heart to have its voice heard. The heart not only has its reasons, it also has its own intelligence. If you will listen to that intelligence and not make excuses about why you can’t, you will find that the heart will also provide you with guidance about how to begin to realize those dreams you’ve kept hidden for so long. Then, finally, your hopes can enliven you and your breaking heart will heal and mend. I wish that for all of you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: