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Balang mountain tunnel opened to traffic on national   save 50 minutes to Four Girls Mountain – Sichuan Channel – original title: balang mountain tunnel national trial opened to Four Girls Mountain to save 50 minutes in September 30th, reporters from the Aba Prefecture Public Security Bureau, the provincial highway 303 line Yingxiu Genda balang mountain tunnel has been completed, will also try run in the National Day period, allowing social vehicles, speed limit of 40 km. When driving through the provincial highway 303 line Wenchuan Yingxiu Genda sections through balang mountain tunnel, only 3 hours to get to Four Girls Mountain, compared with 50 minutes to walk tramp over mountains and through ravines, saving. In balang mountain tunnel before the vehicle to climb balang mountain to Four Girls Mountain, along the bumpy road, takes 1.5 hours. It takes only 40 minutes to drive a tunnel through the tunnel. During the golden week, ABA major national and provincial roads smoothly, several roads under construction is completed and put into use, to celebrate the eight Party of tourists in Aba prefecture. Jiuzhaigou scenic sub frame for the National Day period, Jiuzhaigou scenic road will be divided for time. Daily 7 points to 11 points, 14 points to 18 points, Jiuzhaigou scenic road in the scenic tourist vehicles, special vehicles and other motor vehicles are prohibited in the scenic main road (No. three bridge to the long sea, forest traveling to NuoRiLang). In the limited time, in addition to the scenic tourist vehicles, special vehicles and other motor vehicle shall not be driven on to check depression to the original forest, NuoRiLang Changhai road; daily 6 points to 11 points, 15 points to 23 points to prohibit all freight cars, motorcycles, tricycles, tractors and construction vehicle traffic in the town bar Zhang (Ganhaizi a fan to the ancient city of Yazha Road) road, 6 points to 23 points in the Jiuzhaigou traveling scenic spots on the road. ABA forbidding trucks in order to ensure that during the National Day travel vehicles in Aba smooth traffic, Public Security Bureau, September 30th ABA ABA traffic bureau jointly issued a regulation announcement, from October 1st to October 7th, the daily 8 pm to 17 pm on the three axis above (including three axis) to implement remote control of freight vehicles, freight vehicle from the direction of Wenchuan Wenchuan, Songpan, Maoxian; ban, Jiuzhaigou, Ruoergai, Barkam, Lixian, Hongyuan local sand transport vehicles and the engineering project construction trucks on the road; passenger bus, driving vehicles unimpeded. In addition, the provincial highway 209 line Ruoergai to waqie section was completed in September 30th, the normal passage of vehicles. Tourist bus, driving the vehicle along the new highway 209 line Ruoergai paragraph waqie to navigate along the way to enjoy the waqie Tallinn, nine of the Yellow River Bay in the first such beautiful scenery. Huaxi city newspaper reporter Huang Yuanzheng Li Tianyu original title: balang mountain tunnel national trial opened to Four Girls Mountain to save 50 minutes (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: